About the Life Beyond Tourism Movement

Life Beyond Tourism® comes from the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®, that was born from the initial intuition by the hotel entrepreneur Paolo Del Bianco to encourage, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the knowledge of themselves of the countries of central and eastern Europe through contact with the West and its attraction, promoting meetings in Florence between young people from those countries.

Then the gradual understanding that in this action for the mutual understanding coul be the true meaning of the hotel business from which the Foundation was born. So the maturation of the concept of Cultural Heritage, a key element of attraction for travel, as a potential instrument of intercultural dialogue if we can guarantee enjoyment in addition to the conservation and protection.

Finally the subsequent overthrow of the tourism concept (especially the mass one) from “threat” to the Heritage into strategic opportunity for intercultural dialogue. These are the steps taken by the Foundation in its twenty-year path to create Life Beyond Tourism® and the portal that forms the platform for communication and knowledge of the nature of the land.

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