Intercultural Dialogue

“Dialogue, or intercultural dialogue is the communication within interpersonal relations among people of different cultural realities and backgrounds. It is a crucial concept for the birth and evolution of the Life Beyond Tourism ethos, contributing to promote values and the sense of respect for diversity, which is becoming more and more necessary in our increasingly multicultural societies. Intercultural dialogue offers infinite opportunities for encounters and becomes, also through heritage, strategic for peace in the world.”
[Definition from the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary]


“Both tangible and intangible, heritage or cultural heritage is a powerful engine for initiating meetings, exchanges, interpersonal knowledge, understanding and friendship among cultures. Cultural heritage should be protected, promoted and used in an optimized way to bring people together.”
[Definition from the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary]


“The term environment can define a physical aspect of territories and living environments, in which a community develops. The Life Beyond Tourism ethos is based on the assumption that environment consist of different sectors such as the physical environment, its economy, its cultural and social components, all of which need to be developed according to ethical and high-level qualitative standards and parameters.”
[Definition from the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary]


“In the Life Beyond Tourism framework, travel is intended as the re-affirmation of its ancient function of discovery and appreciation of the values of a place. The travel for values fosters knowledge and understanding of the true spirit of places and represents a unique opportunity for intercultural dialogue. The traveller therefore is the actor of discovery experience; he/she respects diversity and truly lives in the Site he/she visits, turning into a temporary resident of the place.”
[Definition from the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary]

For further references and more definitions studied by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® you can read the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary, a publication produced with the results of more than twenty years of research on issues related to Heritage, Travel and Intercultural Dialogue, which then led to creating the base for the
Life Beyond Tourism Movement.


In order to compile the glossary, we used the bibliography of all the research, presentations, and publications undertaken by the FondazioneRomualdo Del Bianco®  from the start of its activity. The glossary is being constantly updated and implemented and it’s only available for registered members of the portal in the download section.