The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and its network gave birth to the Life Beyond Tourism research that is internationally supported and recognized.

The International Institute Life Beyond Tourism was born for the dissemination and evolution of the Life Beyond Tourism themes through the research, an educational offer and the participation in scientific events. The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco promotes all the activities of the international institute.

The milestones of our research are the publications 2014 Life Beyond Tourism Model and Manual, the 2016 World Heritage Sites for Dialogue, the 2017 Heritage for Planet Earth and in 2018 the Life Beyond Tourism Glossary, the Certification for Dialogue among Cultures DTC-LBT 2018 and the Birth of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement.

All the results of our research are published, presented internationally at scientific conferences, shared with all the Members of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement in the download section of this portal and transmitted to all those that take part in the International Institute Educational Offer.

Since 2007 the Foundation’s research activity was published in over 37 publications.

See the official bibliography here.