Life Beyond Tourism Events 2015-2017

Promoted by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, Life Beyond Tourism during many years has realized several cultural events such as  Students’ Workshops,  Exhibitions, Conferences, Courses realized by the Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism. 


The Architecture and Landscape of Florence
12-19 March 2017

The Classic Heritage Integrated into the Liberal Arts & Sciences: Communicational and Cultural Strategies in inter-Educational Cooperation Nowadays
12-19 March 2017

Interreligious Dialogue and its Role in the Development of Religious Tourism
5-12 March 2017

Efficient Youth Intercultural Dialogue through Education, the Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information in the sphere of World Cultural Heritage Conservation, Restoration and Presentation
5-12 March 2017

Influence of Italy especially of Florence: History and Culture as a source of inspiration in visual communication and Media Art
5-12 March 2017

Ethica Medico – 2° edition
27 November – 4 December 2016

Dialogue among Cultures within the framework of Eastern Partnership Programme
13-20 November 2017

Linguocultural space of the city with special reference to the dictionary project – Florence in the works of world famous people
13-20 November 2016

Architecture and the identification features of the historical city
13-20 November 2016

The River and its City – Landscape, Architecture and Art
28 August –  4 September 2016

Ethica Medico
13 – 20 March 2016

The Architecture and Landscape of Florence
13 – 20 March 2016

Experiencing the Identity of Places and Communities: Communicate New Identifying Representation Models of Urban Landscape
6 – 13 March 2016

The Influence of Former Military Building on the Urban Landscape
6 – 13 March 2016

Value Education for Culture, Peace and Human Development, II edition dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Roerich Pact
15 – 22 November 2015

Efficient Youth Intercultural Dialogue through Education, the Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information”

Colonnades in Architecture
31 January – 7 February 2016

National and European Aspects of Cultural Heritage
4-11 October 2015

Cross-cultural dialogue (III edition): Influence of Italy, especially of Florence, theme – Leonardo da Vinci
28 June –  5 Luglio 2015

X Edition – “Linguocultural Space of the City with Special Reference to the Dictionary Project “Florence in the Works of World Famous People”
19-26 Aprile 2015

VOCALISSIMO 2015: Tones of Florence
14-22 March 2015

Architecture and music: Connections and Inspirations
8-15 March 2015

Display window as a part of Heritage Urban Landscape – its history, the present and the future
8-15 March 2015

Cross-cultural dialogue (II edition): Influence of Italy, especially of Florence, theme – Michelangelo
8-15 March 2015


Nanjing – Florence: A Tale of Two Cities – Ink Painting Exhibition
21-25 June 2017

Modern Architecture of Azerbaijan
20 December 2016 –  6 January  2017

Japanese Art Exhibitions: “Kodomono Tenrankai 2”, “Resonance and Reflection”, “Regeneration”
17-19 June 2016

Carnivals In The World
25 January  – 9 February 2016

Playful Architect
13-22 December 2015

12 March –  8 Aprile 2016

Artists from the World in Florence for EXPO 2015: When Art unites the People
10 – 25 September 2015

Cultural Heritage of Georgia: Abkhazia
8-9 October  2015

Colours of Kyoto
8-10 June 2015

Some of Us
23 Aprile 2015

Dalle Cupole nel Mondo alla Cupola del Brunelleschi
14-15 March 2015

La Mia Venezia
13-15 March 2015


ICOMOS ICTC “Cultural Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Tourism ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter Review +20
18-19 Maggio, 2017

Creative Society: Ideas, Problems, and Concepts
13-14 March 2017

19th International Conference and General Assembly Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®-Life Beyond Tourism®
11-13 March 2017

ICOMOS ISC TheoPhilo & ICIP annual meeting “Place of Memory – Protection, Conservation, Interpretation”
8-10 March 2017

Costume Colloquium V: Restraint and Excess in Fashion and Dress
17-20 November 2016

The Florence Charter on Historic Gardens revisited: long term experience and new approaches
22-24 June 2016

Florence Memorial Ekaterina Yurevna Genieva
16 June 2016

Modern Heritage – Identifying, Assessing and Managing its Protection and Conservation
10-13 March 2016

Urban Comunication for a Qualified Cultural Tourism in Historical Cities: Experiences of Urban Signage
3-4 March 2016

Japanese Legacy II
25-27 February 2016

Dialogue Among Cultures, Traditions in the Square – Carnivals in the World
3-7 February 2016

Architecture of the Turkish Countries: History and Present
9-10 December  2015

Drafting Guidelines for Heritage Management of Archeological World Heritage Sites
30 November  –  3 December 2015

Progress in Applied Surface, Interface and Thin Film Science. Solar Renewable Energy News
23-26 November 2015

7th International Conference on Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction
19-21 November  2015

70th UNESCO, 80th Roerich Pact, 50th ICOMOS Anniversaries
1-8 November  2015

Everyday Life in the 21st Century City
17-19 June 2015

Application of 3d Neutron Imaging and Tomography in Cultural Heritage Research
20-23 Aprile 2015

HOW TO ASSESS BUILT HERITAGE?” Assumptions, methodologies, examples of heritage assessment systems
5-7 March 2015

Time and Place in T. S. Eliot and His Contemporaries
18-21 January  2015

Courses by the Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism

Una finestra sul Giappone: chiavi di lettura di una cultura lontana, ma sempre più vicina
9 January – 25 Maggio 2017

TRAVEL & DIALOGUE – Life Beyond Tourism Weekly International Workshop
14-18 November 2016

Intensive Course Life Beyond Tourism “Travel & Dialogue” Josai University, Tokyo, Japan
31 August  – 4 September 2015