The Portal of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement is promoted by the Florentine Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® to favor intercultural dialogue through tangible, intangible heritage and appreciation of cultural diversities.
The Portal is an international platform made to exchange experiences and best practices for a turism of values and not just of services and consumption.


The Portal was born to introduce its visitors to a territory’s true character, through its most significant cultural expressions: institutions (museums, institutes, foundations) and companies – even those that are less-visible – which carry the traits of the territory’s ‘personality’ in facing the changes in time.


The aim of the Portal is to favor mutual knowledge among territories of several parts of the world. All through communication and interpretation of tangible heritage along intangible or “immaterial” heritage, which originated tangible heritage itself.
With Life Beyond Tourism® we want to value knowledge among cultures, which is necessary today, by turning the very concept of tourism around. Especially the concept of “mass tourism” becomes, instead of a threat, a strategic opportunity for intercultural dialogue. Travel destinations, especially the World Heritage Sites like Florence, therefore have the opportunity to become “laboratories” of knowledge and growth in an environment of mutual respect.

What it shows

On the Portal, each institution  has the opportunity to present the origins and the path that led to its current activity, as well as images that summarize its main characteristics, in a webpage where it can update the news on its initiatives and activities.
It is about knowing and presenting the character of a place while dealing with the course of historical changes. What the Portal wants to express is therefore not a fixed identity, but the peculiar way in which each place deals with our ever-changing reality. One day what appears on the Portal will be a mean for reflection for the Foundation as a center for studies and research, and also a tool for research for universities and research centers, an instrument that is added to others by offering the construction of the cultural biography of a place.

Why register?

This is the only portal that introduce visitors to the culture of a territory. In fact it presents equally cultural institutions and business companies, that together define the characteristics of a place after its historical evolution. Compared to other websites,  Life Beyond Tourism No-Profit Portal® offers a real map of local cultural expressions, all connected together.