A trip to live by bike through the valley of the ancient river Clanis, along a path designed by nature and by the intervention of man, in a reclamation work carried out over the centuries involving engineers, plumbers, cartographers, architects, mathematicians and agronomists.

The river, in fact, not being able to flow regularly towards the Tiber, constantly flooded the surrounding area. First interventions – that initiated the transformation process of the valley – were those of the Medici family and later of the Habsburg-Lorraine, who became the Grand Dukes of Tuscany. The reclamation work and the construction of the Maestro Canal, thanks to bridges, canals, tunnels and locks, made possible to change the course of water to north, making it to flow into Arno, and allowed to replace the swamp with one of the most fertile valleys of the Italian peninsula, for an extension of 185 sq. km, of which 80 subtracted to water.

And it is precisely the ancient road used by the unskilled workers for the maintenance of the canal to have become a wonderful bike path, in one of the magical territories of Tuscany, through the Etruscan civilization that has deeply marked these places.