Ravangla, South Sikkim. As a special dedication to the birth anniversary of Buddha, in  2006, the State of Sikkim government took a decision to construct a Buddha Park with an enormous 130-metre statue of Buddha in its heart. The statue was consecrated in 2013 by the 14th Dalai Lama  and since then has become a powerful magnet of pilgrimage and beauty-seekers. Surrounded by intact forests, the Park has maintaining its authentic sacred spirit, not allowing tourists alter it but just gently letting in the new-comers to feel its genuine nature. Once entered into this area of peace, it immediately enchants you by its spirit of tranquillity and an overwhelming feeling of being “present” exactly there,  at the feet of Buddha looking at you from the high.

The visit to the park allows also for a reflective stay at the sanctuary placed at the pedestal of the statue. Having absorbed its peace, the itinerary lets you further enjoy strolling around the gardens and ample walkways of the park where to breath in the serenity and think about our life in the eternal perspective of Buddha’s teachings, reflected in the secular values and wisdom of the Sikkimese people, known for having still preserved the most sacred traditions of a human soul, in harmony with the universe.