One of the bowls conserved in the Museum of Palazzo Coppini comes from Taiwan (ID 32). To be concrete, it is a cute polycrome glazed porcelain bowl with hight relief decorations of clouds, shaped to perfectly fit the curve of the mouth. It’s perfect for fantastics Taiwan oolong tea (produced by allowing the tea leaves to oxidize for a short time after picking) grown in subtropical climate on the slopes of  the Taiwan’s mountains. Taiwan tea tradition has almost three centuries which is influenced  four European occupations and cultural impact of China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Regarding the oolong tea, it  has been produced in Taiwan for more than 150 years. It is common knowledge that it is one of the Taiwanese National treasures. So, let’s taste this wonderfull tea and as you can read  on T Ching blog: Perhaps to understand the nature of tea from Taiwan, we need to observe cause and effect over time. Yet, for all of the changes throughout the history of tea cultivation in Taiwan, there is one constant – that many people from many countries have recognized the potential for teas grown in Taiwan. Each time the leaves of a Chin Shin oolong tea slowly, fragrantly unfurl in my cup, they demonstrate that the unique evolution of tea in Taiwan and centuries of potential have been realized (