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We think we can change our role in the world of tourism.

We think that the concept of hospitality goes beyond selling services.

We think that the visitors to a place are resources and not just customers.


The ultimate goal of the Life Beyond Tourism Movement is to help spread universal values such as respect and friendship over the world. To achieve this, Life Beyond Tourism has been designed to turn tourism from a moment of leisure into a valuable opportunity for cross-cultural awareness and exchange. There is a way of practising tourism that goes beyond photos, souvenirs and shopping. It is crucial for the spirit of the Life Beyond Tourism project that the relationship between the visitors and their destination doesn’t boil down to a mere offering of services.

The cultural offer
Traveling according with the Life Beyond Tourism principles allows visitors to establish connections and interact with the place they visit, thus creating opportunities to know better a new culture, also for the sake of the territory itself. This applies especially to World Heritage Sites, where mass tourism represents a major threat and, turning the perspective, a major opportunity for changing and improving. Respecting and enhancing the local heritage is the first step for its protection, and therefore for fostering the health of Planet Earth.

The commercial offer
Life Beyond Tourism was born as a phylosophy, but its practical application is also aimed at commercial development. Those entitites who are part of the territory and share the Movement’s thinking (individuals, artisans, companies and institutions) can find in Life Beyond Tourism a way to promote their work and activity with the travelers and in an international context. They can do so online, uploading their content to this website, and also by taking part in the Movement’s events, conferences, exhibitions and so on.

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