Life Beyond Tourism wears pink!

This week our website goes for a change of image and dresses up in pink, just like the city of Florence.

It’s not about the latest fashion or a sudden passion for this color, but it is to show support to the  Dragon Boat Festival, an initiative of the International Breast Cancer Paddler’s Commission. The event is held every 4 years, and in 2018 it will be for the first time in Europe, in our Movement’s hometown, Florence!

The international festival will host 166 Dragon Boat teams coming from all over the world and uniting women who fought, or are still fighting, against breast cancer. The Dragon Boat is, in fact, a good activity for rehabilitation and for a healthy lifestyle.

The Life Beyond Tourism Movement is proud to support this initiative and invites its members to:

  • Wear pink
    Just changing color can draw people’s attention and interest, helping disseminate precious information for cancer prevention
  • Talk about it/display the official flyer
    Especially in a city like Florence, where every day thousands of visitors come and go, the message can be spread widely
  • Participate in the Festival
    Life Beyond Tourism will be on the front line, in July 6-8, at the Cascine park with a stand. Our affiliate members can participate, with a €50 contibution, bringing the informative material of your activity!

Further information to participate are available here or by writing to