What is a certification?

A certification is a document granted by a competent entity to certify that a company (or an institution) is following some international Standards. An example of an internationally recognized certification is the UNI EN ISO 9001, that defines the quality standards that an organization should have.

Getting a certification means proving to your costumers and competitors that your organization can guarantee a certain quality of services, and to do so is ready to be examined by an external certification body.

The DTC-LBT:2018

The Certification for Dialogue among Cultures – Life Beyond Tourism® DTC-LBT: 2018 is the certification system for the management of a company/institution that describes the level of intercultural dialogue performed and achieved by a business or an institution. The certification process is divided in three levels:

  1. the subscription to the portal, that implies sharing the principles of Life Beyond Tourism
  2. the self-certification process, for companies and institutions that will self-assess their level of intercultural dialogue based on the guidelines and tools offered by Life Beyond Tourism
  3. the certification process, where an external Certification Body will examine the level of intercultural dialogue of a self-certified company or institution based on the guidelines and tools offered by Life Beyond Tourism

The DTC-LBT:2018 is an answer to the growing demand of travelers for programs and products in favor of a new style of responsible and informed travel.

The DTC-LBT:2018 aims at

-> promoting dialogue to contribute to Peace in the world

-> disseminating the use of best practices to improve the quality of services and products offered by private and public organizations

-> valuing the principle of transparency in a system that is continuously improving

The Certification for Dialogue among Cultures – Life Beyond Tourism® DTC-LBT: 2018

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