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    International Students Workshop

    An Approach to Classic Tradition within International Educational Network Nowadays

    Florence, March 25 – April 1, 2018


    In continuation of the previous workshop “The Classic Heritage Integrated into the Liberal Arts & Sciences: Communicational and Cultural Strategies in inter-Educational Cooperation Nowadays” supported by Romualdo del Bianco Foundation, the goal of this workshop is to establish the strategy in today’s development of the university education. According to our common vision, the pursuit to discover innovatory ways of transcendence into the future of the universities must inevitably go hand in hand with the (re-)discovery of European classical tradition, which gave place for the liberal education — known to be among the most novel nowadays.

    An orientation on the classic tradition is frequently acknowledged by today’s ground-breaking universities in Russia or in former Soviet countries. The search for re-inclusion of the common cultural past and values of the tradition, best of all confined by Florentine tradition and culture, along with the pursuit for the new ways of cooperation and communication in the modern space of international education will be actively conducted during the workshop participants.

    We plan to include no less than 5 universities in our workshop;  by now, 4 universities have already given their preliminary agreement to take an active place in this.

    The preliminary program includes the keynote lecture of Valery Monakhov, a leader of the workshop; an address by Alexander Kubyshkin, an expert of Romualdo del Bianco foundation, a talk by Vladimir Orlov on the tradition of classical music within liberal arts educational model, and a talk by Anatoli Mikhailov, rector of European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania) titled “Between Past and Future: Historicity of the human experience”.

    As expected, the students from each university will need to give a presentation on their university programs. During the workshop they will need to create common texts and participate in workshop sections ensuing their exchange of ideas and seeking the answers to the major problems of the workshop. Their hometask will also include investigating Hans-Georg Gadamer’s essay “The Universality of Hermeneutical Problem”.

    More information of the exact events of the workshop envisaged by its organizers could be available later upon your request.

    Workshops Leader

    Prof. Vladimir Orlov
    Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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