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    21° Assembly and International Symposium

    Heritage for Planet Earth 2019

    2-3 March 2019

    On March 2-3, 2019, the 21st Assembly of Experts of the Foundation and International Symposium Heritage for Planet Earth 2019 will be held in Florence. The main aspects and the preliminary titles are:

    1. Scientific work and presentations under the tentative title “Heritage for Dialogue: technology and traditional knowledge for the heritage and planet Earth”
    1. Presentation of ‘territorial knowledge’ , under the preliminary title “Cultural expressions of territories”.
      In this session the excellences that characterize the territories will present themselves with the help of a power point and an exhibition/tasting of their products.
      For this part, we already received adhesions from Italian food production and wine companies, as well as from jewelers and leather goods’ manufacturers.

    From 2019 on, the 21st GA of the International Experts of the Foundation will bring together the academic world and the world of traditional excellence production of territories, the scientific work related to historical and cultural heritage and the enhancement of territorial identities. In fact, this principle has always characterized the Movement Life Beyond Tourism of the Foundation.



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