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    Photographing the invisible

    by Stefano Favaretto

    After many years working in contact with human suffering as a psychologist and psychotherapist, I decided to follow my dream and devote myself entirely to photography. From 2014 to today I’ve been travelling around the world showing my art that through a deep research uses many concepts of psychology and has the primary goal of spreading a positive message and light in order to make the world where we live a better place. My artistic research aims to investigate in a profound and systematic way the existence of a deep union between an “invisible or unseen” universe made of energies, frequencies, vibrations, particular figures apparently not perceptible to the human eye, and the visible or material world. I try to immortalize a reality that is in front of our eyes, revealing it through the mirroring of the photographs and showing it to the world in its form and shape. Incredible figures emerge, sometimes unknown to us and sometimes very similar to those described in the local and popular mythological narratives (such as angel figures). If you look at my works with “other” eyes you will be able to see or perceive magnificent energy forms and light and you will be catapulted into a positive reality that is always present around us, experiencing new emotions.



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