allegato1In Italy each region is somehow like another continent, but what unites the spirit of all Italians is indeed the passion for food.
What about trying a traditional recipe for next Christmas?
In Calabria, whether you live by the sea or in a small village on the Sila mountains, Christmas is not Christmas without the Calabrian turdilli, a traditional sweet covered in honey.
The ingredients are: 3 eggs, a glass of milk, a glass of sugar, half a glass of olive oil, a teaspoon of baking powder, as much flour as needed, honey and… plenty of oil for frying!
Place the eggs, milk, sugar, oil and baking powder in a bowl and mix them. Keep adding flour until you get a soft but not sticky dough. Divide the dough in long lines and cut them so that each piece is about the size of gnocchi. Use a fork to make stripes on each turdillo and fry all of them until they are of a golden color. Cover the turdilli in honey and enjoy!