FullSizeRenderThe Life Beyond Tourism philosophy aimed to promote the development of international relations in order to contribute to the dialogue between cultures, is assisted by the Experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®. They are from the scientific, academic (rectors, researchers, teachers, etc..) world, as well as professionals and people who can contribute to the development of the contacts (network) and the programs of the Foundation.

Experts are nominated by the Board of Governors of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®. In order to be effectively part of the Committee of the Experts, Experts must enter  in the Life Beyond Tourism Landascape & Heritage Community (click here) and upload their personal information including their CV and activities.


                                      ITALY                                             FLORENCE

Chairman: Prof. Emma Mandelli

Architecture                                                                      Prof.ssa Emma Mandelli                                                                                Ordinary Professor at Dept. Of Architecture Design at Florence University

Prof. Roberto Corazzi

University of Florence

Architecture and Design                                                  Prof.ssa Paola Puma                                                                                    University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture (DiDA)

Literature                                                                               Dr. Maurizio Bossi                                                                                     Institutional relations of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®

Oriental Art                                                                          Dr. Francesco Civita                                                                                     Curator of Japanese Section of Stibbert Museum of Florence

Slavic Philology                                                                  Prof.Marcello Garzaniti                                                                               University of Florence, Department of Linguistic

Cultural HumanRights                                                       Dr.ssa AlesiaKoush                                                                                    Referent of the Heritage Community Life Beyond Tourism


ITALY                                                                                   GENOVA

Architecture                                                                    Prof.ssa Patrizia Falzone                                                                                  Faculty of Architecture, University of Genova


ITALY                                                                                   NOVEDRATE (COMO)

Architectural Restoration                                                Prof. Olimpia Niglio                                                                                     Faculty of Engineering, University eCampus




National Chairman

Prof.  Arjeta Troshani        

Faculty of Economics, University of Scutari


ALBANIA                                                                             SCUTARI                                             Prof.  Arjeta Troshani

Economics                                                                            Prof. Arjeta Troshani                                                                                Director of the Department of Business Administration and Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Scutari



National Chairman

Prof. Yuri Safaryan

Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction


ARMENIA                                                                            YEREVAN                                                Chairman

Architecture, Town Planning, International cooperation

Prof.Nune Chilingaryan                                                                          Yerevan State University of Architecture & Construction



National Chairman

Prof. Gulchoha Mammadova

Azerbaijan  Architecture and Construction University and Town Planning


AZERBAIJAN                                                                      BAKU                                                       Chairman

Restoration                                                                           Ass.Prof. Sabina Hajiyeva                                                                                Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and Town Planning



National Chairman

Dr. Marc Laenen

Director of the Centre for Cultural Heritage


BELGIUM                                                                            LIMBERG                                Chairman            Dr. Marc Laenen

Conservation & Restoration                                                 Dr. Marc Laenen                                                                                  Director of the Centre for Cultural Heritage



National Chairman

Prof. Galina Polyanskaya

Former Dean at Belarussian State Technical University

Member of the Belarussian Parliament


BELARUS                                                                            MINSK                                  Chairman            Prof. Galina Polianskaja

Tourism and International Relations                                     Prof. Tatsiana Yakauchyts                                                                           Professor of the Belarusian State Economic University




CANADA                                                                             QUEBEC                                                  Chairman

Urban Conservation Management                                       Michel Bonnette                                                                               Vice President ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Historic Towns and Villages (CIVVIH)




CINA                                                                                     BEIJING                                                   Chairman

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Zhang Min                                                                                        School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Conservation                                                                        Guo Zhan                                                                                      ICOMOS China, Director, WorldHeritage Expert Committee of China




CYPRUS                                                                              FAMAGOSTA

Architecture                                                                          Ass. Prof. Netice Yildiz                                                                                     Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture



National Chairman


CZECH  REPUBLIC                                                            BRNO                                   Chairman            Prof. Helena Zemankova

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Helena Zemankova                                                                          Head of Department of protection of monuments



National Chairman


FRANCE                                                                              LORIENT                                                  Chairman

Lexicography                                                                      Prof. Geoffrey Williams                                                                                Professor University of South Brittany, Letters and Sciences Director of Department for Document Managment/Director of Master in Publishing and Digital Humanities



GEORGIA                                                                            TBILISI                                 Chairman            Prof. Temur Kobakhidze

Philosophy and Sociology                                                    Prof. Tamaz Kandareli                                                                               Metekhi National University of Tbilisi

Literature                                                                               Prof. Temur Kobakhidze                                                                           Director of Ameican Studies Graduate Program at Metekhi National University of Tbilisi

Graphic Design                                                                     Prof. Nana Iashvili                                                                                   Dean Faculty of Media Arts, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

History                                                                                  Prof. Leila Khubashvili                                                                           Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Social Sciences                                                                    Tinatin Bochorishvili                                                                         Rustaveli Foundation

Philology, International Relationships                                   Zaza Tsotniashvili                                                                          Rector of the Gori University




GREECE                                                                              ATHENS

Architecture                                                                          Prof.Vassilis Ganiatsas                                                                              National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture



National Chairman Prof. Balazs Balogh

Founded by Prof. Mihály Zádor

University of Technology and Economics of Budapest

Secretary Dr. Wierdl Zsuzsanna


HUNGARY                                                                           BUDAPEST                          Chairman:          Prof. Balasz Balogh

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Balazs Balogh                                                                                   Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture – Vice dean Head of Department of Design

Conservation of Monumets                                                  Wierdl Zsuzsanna                                                                            Painting restorer, director, STUDIOLO, International, Mural and stone restoration research and working c.

Conservation                                                                        Dr. Erzsebet Kovàcs                                                                                  Architect, National Board for the Protection of Historic Monuments of Budapest

Mester Eva                                                                                       Glass conservator



INDIA                                                                                    JORETHANG

Social Welfare, Development                                              Roshnila Gurung                                                                                  District Child Protection Officer, Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Sikkim


IRAN                                                                                     TEHERAN

Technology                                                                           Prof. Mohammad Reza Malek                                                                                    Head Office of Post Graduate Studies, Faculty of  Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology



National Chairman

Kazakh Leading academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering


KAZAKHSTAN                                                                   ALMATY                                                  Chairman

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Gulnara Abdrasilova                                                                           Vice Rector of the Students and International Affairs of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering



National Chairman

Previous President: Prof. Aleksey Shkaev

Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture


KYRGIZSTAN                                                                     BISHKEK                                                Chairman:

Medicine                                                                               Dr. Ilshat Yuldashev                                                                             Kyrgyz State Medical Institute for Advanced and Postgraduate Studies



National Chairman

Prof. Koji Nishimoto

National Graduate Institute for Policy Study of Tokyo


JAPAN                                                                                 KYOTO                                                   Chairman: Hirohide Takeyama

Fashion design                                                                      Hoshino Tsuji                                                                                      Kyokane Co Ltd



LATVIA                                                                                RIGA                                              Chairman: Prof. Janis Krastins

Urban Design                                                                        Prof. Ugis Bratuskins                                                                             Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Riga Technical University (26.05.2008)



NORWAY                                                                             OSLO

Architecture, Heritage                                                          Dr. Amund Sinding Larsen                                                                                   Chartered Architect, Heritage Advisor



PHILIPPINES                                                                       QUEZON CITY

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Jose Danilo Silvestre                                                                                College of Architecture, University of the Philippines



National Chairman

Founded by Prof. Dr. Ing. Arch. Andrzej Tomaszewski

Warsaw Technical University


POLAND                                                                              WARSAW                                               Chairman: Stefan Wrona

Chairman                                                                              Prof. Stefan Wrona                                                                                   Former Dean of Warsaw University of Technology Faculty Architecture

Cultural Heritage                                                                   Prof. Danuta Klosek – Kozlowska                                                                            Head of Postgraduate Studies “Protection of Cultural Heritage”, Warsaw University of Technology

History of Art                                                                        Prof. Malgorzata Wrzesniak                                                                             Prof. of History of Art at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw

Prof. Agnieszka Bender                                                                                  Catholic University of Lublin

POLAND                                                                              KRAKOW                                                Chairman: Andrzej Kadluczka

Architecture                                                                          Arch. Maria Ponikiewska                                                                         Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology

Fine Arts                                                                               Prof. Jan Pamula                                                                                 Rector of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts of Krakow

Science                                                                                 Prof. Anna Siwik                                                                                     AGH-University of Science and tecnology

POLAND                                                                              BYDGOSZCZ                                         Chairman: Romana Gudelis Przybyszewska

Music                                                                                    Prof. Maria Murawska                                                                             Rector Academy of Music of Bydgoszcz

POLAND                                                                              TORUN                                                   Chairman: Bozéna Zimnowoda-Krajewska

History of Art                                                                        Prof. Bozéna Zimnowoda-Krajewska                                                                             Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus University of Torun

POLAND                                                                              Gliwice-Katowice                                                                              Chairman: Piotr Stachurski

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Piotr Stachurski                                                                             Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture

POLAND                                                                              GDANSK                               Chairman: Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski

Music                                                                                    Prof. Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski                                                                                “Stanislaw Moniuszko” Academy of Music in Gdansk

POLAND                                                                              JELENIA GORA

Conservation                                                                        Piotr Napierala                                                                              Foundation Valley of Palaces and Gardens Jelenia Gora Basin


National Chairman

Prof. Dr. Arch. Sergiu Nistor           

University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ioan Mincu”


ROMANIA                                                                            BUCHAREST                                         Chairman: Sergiu Nistor

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Dr. Arch. Sergiu Nistor                                                                                    University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ioan Mincu”



National Chairman

Nicolai Gorsky Chernyshev

Academy of Fine Arts of Russia


RUSSIA                                                                                BLAGOVESHCHENSK                          Chairman

Design                                                                                   Prof. Elena Koroby                                                                                  Head of Design Faculty, Amur State University

RUSSIA                                                                                IVANOVO                                      Chairman: Prof. Vladimir Egorov

International Relations                                                          Prof. Olga Karpova                                                                                Vice-Rector of Ivanovo State University for Public Relations, Head of the English Department

RUSSIA                                                                                KAZAN                                                     Charmain

Language                                                                              Prof. Marina Solnyshkina                                                              Tatar  State University of Humanities and Education/Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Russia

RUSSIA                                                                                MOSCOW                                               Chairman: Alexander Petrovich Kudryavtsev

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Alexander Kudryavtsev                                                                         President of Moscow Architectural Institute, President of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

Fine Arts                                                                               Dr. Nicolai Gorsky Chernyshev                                                                          Academy of Fine Arts of Russia

Humanities and technology                                                  Prof. Nina Tokareva                                                                              Moscow Academy of Humanities and Technology

Languages                                                                            Prof. Irina Gutkina                                                                         Moscow Academy of Humanities and Technology

History of Art                                                                        Dr. Tamara Igumnova                                                                              Deputy Director on foreign relations and exhibition, State Historical Museum of Moscow

RUSSIA                                                                                PENZA

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Elena Lapshina                                                                               Penza State University of Architecture and Construction

RUSSIA                                                                                SAINT-PETERSBURG

Languages                                                                            Prof. Liudmila Devel                                                                                    Deputy Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguistic, St.Petersburg University of Culture

Cultural Heritage                                                                   Prof. Nina Popova                                                                                 St.Petersburg Polytechnik University

RUSSIA                                                                                SAMARA

Cultural communication                                                       Prof. Euphym Vyshkin                                                                                 Vice Rector , Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

RUSSIA                                                                                SIMFEROPOL                                         Chairman

Medicine                                                                               Prof. Tatyana Kobets                                                                                   Department of Pediatrics of the Crimean State Medical University

RUSSIA                                                                                TJUMEN

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Alexander Panfilov                                                                                 Tyumen State Architectural-Building University

RUSSIA                                                                                TOMSK

Languages                                                                            Prof. Tamara Petrashova                                                                           Head of Department of Quality Assurance in Foreign Language Training, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Arts                                                                                       Prof. Valeria Budenkova                                                                           Deputy Director for Innovations and Development Chairman of Methodical Commission of the Institute of Arts and Culture

RUSSIA                                                                                ULYANOVSK                                         Chairman: Prof. Vitaly Tur

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Vitaly Tur                                                                                        Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ulyanovsk State Technical University

RUSSIA                                                                                VLADIVOSTOK

Architecture                                                                          Prof. Evgeniya Lapshina                                                                               Dean of the Faculty of Art, Head of the Department of Interior Design Far-Eastern State Technical University

RUSSIA                                                                                VOLGOGRAD                                        Chairman: Viktor Tikhonov

Theory and History of Architecture                                      Prof. Valentina Serebryanaya                                                                       Professor at Volgograd Ste University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering


National Chairman

Ph.D.,  Dip. T.P., Dip. Arch. Milan Prodanovic

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad Univerisity


SERBIA                                                                                NOVI SAD                                                                                      Chairman: Milan Prodanovic

Urbanism                                                                              Prof. Milan Prodanovic                                                                           Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad University



National Chairman

Prof. Arch Pavel Gregor

Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava


SLOVAKIA                                                                          BRATISLAVA                                 Chairman: Eva Kralova

Architecture & Restoration                                                   Ass. Prof. Eva Kralova                                                                                 Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology Bratislava

SLOVAKIA                                                                          BANSKA BYSTRYCA                                                                         Chairman: Prof. Egon Krak

Music                                                                                    Prof. Egon Krak                                                                                      Dean of the Academy of Music of Banska Bystryca




TURKEY                                                                              EDIRNE                                                   Chairman: Nevzat Ilhan

Architecture                                                                          Ayse Gulcin Kucukkaya                                                                           Head of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Trakya




UKRAINE                                                                             ODESSA                     Chairman            Nadezhda Yeksaryova

History of Art                                                                        Ass. Prof. Larisa Duz                                                                                       Philology Department – Odessa State University

Humanities                                                                            Prof. Iryna Potapova                                                                              Odessa National I. Mechnikov University

UKRAINE                                                                             KHARKOV                                              Chairmen: Nicolaj S. Bolotskih/Tetyana V. Sergeyeva

History of Architecture                                                         Ass. Prof. Svitlana Smolenska                                                                            Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture

UKRAINE                                                                             KIEV

History of Art                                                                        Oksana Remeniaka                                                                           Ukrainian Art Academy



National Chairman


USA                                                                                      GREEN BAY (WISCONSIN)                                                                      Chairman

Communication                                                                    Prof. Sarah Meredith                                                                                Associate Prof. of Communication at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay