The concept of “Ma” permeates the whole Japanese Culture: in the arts, in everyday life, in architecture, in short, in every area of daily life.
Fascinating concept, it is difficult to explain in clear and plain terms, but in short “Ma” is the harmonious connection, the relationship between the full and empty.

What is meant with “full and empty“? To understand this, we can observe, for example, the image of an ideogram written with the pencil on a white sheet, according to the Japanese calligraphy (Shodō), in which the black strokes of the pencil represent the full and the white spaces between the same strokes and the rest of the paper represent the empty.

The concept of “Ma” involves the spatial sense, the temporal sense too, even to arrive to interpersonal relationships, in the spoken language, in behavior.
It is a concept that represents one of the most important and not so known topics of the Japanese Culture: “Ma” permeates all life and all cultural expressions of Japan.