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Operative Partners

This section contains information about the institutions, universities, and public and private bodies that have acknowledged the value of the principles expressed in the Life Beyond Tourism® Manifesto by offering their Sponsorship. Like the Acknowledgements received by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® and our Operative Partners, the Sponsorships constitute a precious resource of contacts and potential collaborative efforts in which you too may participate by joining the project.
istituz_partners_1_cons_eu.jpg istituz_partners_2_reg_toscana.jpg istituz_partners_3_prov_fir.jpg
Consiglio d’Europa
Regione Toscana
Provincia di Firenze
istituz_partners_4_com_fir.jpg istituz_partners_5_nardini.jpg
Comune di Firenze
Consolato Onorario della Repubblica Ceca per la Toscana
Nardini Editore
istituz_partners_6_cts.jpg istituz_partners_7_europe_tourism.jpg
Isturitz Oxocelhaya Espace Culturel Arts et Sciences
Annuario del Turismo La risorsa online per gli operatori turistici
European University for Tourism
Tbilisi Public University Metekhi
Institute of Arts and Culture Tomsk State University Odessa State Economic University
Tambov State Technical UniversityEnvironmental College Bydgoszcz
istituz_partners_9_bhty.jpg istituz_partners_10_viv_lentezza.jpg istituz_partners_11_citta_uffizi.jpg
Belarussian National Technical University
L’Arte di Vivere con Lentezza Onlus
La Città degli Uffizi
istituz_partners_12_rotary.jpg istituz_partners_13_san_gimigna.jpg istituz_partners_14_wst.jpg
Rotary Camp Firenze Brunelleschi
Museo San Gimignano 1300
World Site Travellers – Travel Blog
istituz_partners_15_eda.jpg istituz_partners_16_rocca_flea.jpg istituz_partners_17_grande_portale.jpg
Esempi di Architettura
Museo Civico Rocca Flea di Gualdo Tadino
Grande Portale istituz_partners_19_hotel_laurus.jpg
Tuscany Villas
Museo Casa di Dante a Firenze
Firenze Hotel Centro Storico
istituz_partners_20_hotel_pitti.jpg istituz_partners_21_festival_europa.jpg
Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio
Festival d’Europa 2011
Travel Portal
istituz_partners_22_italian_res.jpg istituz_partners_23_travel_china.jpg  
Italian Resources
China Travel Company
Annuario del Turismo La risorsa online per gli operatori turistici

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