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Learning Communities for
Intercultural Dialogue and for Territorial Development
The activities of contribution to the Dialogue among Cultures of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism began on 14.9.1991 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, creating opportunities for meeting between university students from the countries of the former Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc, enabling educational and cultural opportunities in Florence for the encouragement of dialogue among these young people united previously by politics, and now together again thanks to culture. With the experience derived from these activities in the past 25 years, with all the professors and their Universities that participated in these activities, the Foundation
1- defined the ethos Life Beyond Tourism, and then
2- defined the Model LBT for the practical application of the Model itself
. with a Manual, written by professors of the University of Florence
. with the Certification of Quality of travel for dialogue
3- has put in practice this Model LBT in a cultural, non-profit system
 on the worldwide level  with the portal of cultural and natural expressions of territories   
  on the local level,  an economic portal for each territory <.NET>
 (pilot portal
4- has defined the development of the Model LBT, within a cultural, economic, non-profit system, with the matrix of worldwide development in franchising
5- the Model LBT has already been experimented on the occasion of the 2014 ICOMOS General Assembly, which approved the Resolution 2014/42 having recognized the practical functionality of the Model LBT for the services of the General Assembly.
6- has designed the non-profit Model LBT to be destined to the International Community.
Thus, since 2007 the Foundation with Life Beyond Tourism has been observing the affirmation of the UNESCO 1972 Convention on World Heritage as a contribution to the dissemination of the aforementioned UNESCO 2003 and 2005 Conventions, the conventions that absolutely should not wait for their promotion and dissemination among large masses as many years as were needed for the 1972 World Heritage Convention.
On the basis of this, the proposal of a New Commercial Practice for the common good was born, with learning communities aimed at the promotion of rapid and widespread knowledge and sharing of the aforementioned UNESCO 2003 and 2005 Conventions.
For their understanding and full appreciation, the Foundation proposes to use the commercial network of tourism for a 'viral' diffusion, and obviously it should be culture of the place to guide travelling of visitors, while services and consumption should not be allowed to transform the culture of the visited territories, which will be possible finding new commercial offers oriented towards favouring the dialogue.

With Life Beyond Tourism we see the birth of Learning Communities for the development of the international community in a context of peaceful coexistence. LBT is applied in the territories with its attendant LBT Model and participates through that model in the construction of this new cultural and commercial offer by devoting World Heritage sites to centers for training in the art of intercultural dialogue, which in turn become another commercial practice based on an ethic seeking the common good.  In this context personal enjoyment is not lost, it is merely perceived as satisfaction in helping to further the good of the international community; participants are aware and proud of belonging to it and of contributing to the dissemination and appreciation of the importance of the UNESCO Conventions of 2003 and of 2005 for the development of the international community in a context of peaceful coexistence. Thus the following players are aware that they are peace builders and they will be proud of that fact:
                . Residents;
                . Travellers – or rather temporary residents;
                . Local service providers (hotels, restaurants and so forth);
.              . Cultural Institutions;
. On-line and off-line intermediaries;
                . Local authorities;
Market trend research centers;
                . Education and Training institutions;

Life Beyond Tourism® or in other words the great opportunities (life), Beyond tourism of services and consumption for the Heritage and for the Territories with the  Dialogue!

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