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International Presentations


Paris – France
March 15
ICOMOS and the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco - Life Beyond Tourism sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Florence – Italy
March 20
International Round Table of Experts of the Foundation (Florence, 15th-17th March 2013)

Baku – Azerbaijan
April 18
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in Baku to receive the National Heritage Award by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, Mr Abulfas Garayev

Moscow – Russia
April 26
The Foundation in Moscow to receive the "Prize Aleksej Komech"

Florence – Italy
May 8
Inauguration of the renovated historical headquarter of the Foundation
Ivanovo – Russia
May 29 -June 2
The Fondazione in Ivanovo (Russia) for the international Congress “Tourism and Hospitality without Borders


February 28 - March 01
Modernism in the Caucasus - Tbilisi. Baku . Yerevan (1900-1940, Fine Arts, Theatre, Cinema, Architecture)
March 3-5
XIV Round Table of the Experts of the International Committee of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation® - Life Beyond Tourism®
March 19th-23rd
International Conference Domes in the World

April 26-28
Heritage Under Pressure – Perspectives of Historic Urban Landscape (HUL)

May 14 – 18
Progress in Applied Surface, Interface and Thin Film Science – Solar Renewable Energy News III (SURFINT-SREN III)
July 12-14, 2012
Urban Cultural Landscape and Territorial Identity: an Approach between cultural diversities and Cultural Heritage

Oslo – Norway                                   
 August 6-10
X EURALEX Congress Poster presentation of the project “Life Beyond Dictionary” a practical implementation of the Life Beyond Tourism Ethos in the Lexicography sphere, in co-operation with Ivanovo State Universtiy

Florence – Italy
September  21
The Florence Charter for World's Landscape. “UNESCO convention on the international protection of landscapes”.

Moscow – Russia
October  15
 The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation-Life Beyond Tourism participates in the 25th anniversary MAAM (International Academy of Architecture in Moscow).

Florence – Italy
November  15
Progetto "Firenze Per Bene"
December 11
New Prestigious Institutions sign the Memorandum of Understanding Life Beyond Tourism. “The Festival of Greetings from the Lands”.

Italy – Florence
February 16-20
International Festival Degree & Profession
February 19-20
13th Round Table of the International Experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
March 4-6
“Paradigm Shift in Heritage Protection? Tolerance for Change, Limits of Change” Conference of the International scientific Committee on Theory and the Philosophy of the Conservation and Restoration

Georgia – Tbilisi
March 31
Meeting with Mr. Mamuka Katsarava-Head City Department of Social & Cultural Services, and with Mr. Adeusz Trzmiel, Deputy Major

Italy –  Florence
April 12
Wolakota – Friendship with the Lakota Nation
April 13-16
1st ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Mural Painting Conference in Florence
April 14
Subscription of the Life Beyond Tourism® Agreement  with Krakow Vice-Major Tadeusza Smiel
April 18
UNESCO and ICOMOS World Heritage Day – The Cultural Heritage of Water ‘Youth, Monuments, and Hydraulic Works’

U.S.A. – Amherst, Massachusetts
May 4-7
International Conference “Why does the past matter? Changing Visions, Media, and Rationales in the 21st Century”

Poland – Thorun
May 13-15
International Conference ‘Life Quality in City Centers: conditions for residence and tourism’

Italy – Florence
May 21
XIV SIPBC  Congress ‘Il Patrimonio Italiano Conoscerlo per Amarlo: l’arte di educare all’arte”

Italy- Taormina
June 9
Congresso F.I.D.A.P.A. – Federazione Italiana Donne Arti Professioni e Affari, Sezione Taormina Nell’ambito del programma “Politiche Mediterranee ed oltre” è stato presentato il tema “Turismo Culturale e Prospettive di Sviluppo Locale: la creazione di una rete attraverso il portale No-Profit Life Beyond Tourism®.

9 September
IX International School on Lexicography “Multi-disciplinary Lexicography: Traditions and Challenges of the XXIst century” by Ivanovo State University
18 September
World Tourism Expo -WTE, Seminary organized within the program of the WTE “Per ‘interpretare’ e ‘comunicare’ il patrimonio tangibile e intangibile di un territorio : il Portale No-Profit Life Beyond Tourism®”
19 October 2011
Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction XXI Best Diploma Works in Architecture and Design and celebration of the 90th Anniversary of YSUAC

14 September 2011
Dedication of the Amphitheatre Hall of the Auditorium al Duomo in Florence, to the memory of Prof. Andrzej Tomaszewski                                      
14 December 2011
Ceremony for the subscription of the Memorandum of Understanding Life Beyond Tourism with the Province of Florence and other 23 Italian and foreign institutions


Italy – Florence
Gennaio  16
Life Beyond Tourism 5+D = Dialogo Interculturale, durino the event ‘Bar Camp alle Murate’ at Le Murate

U.S. – St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
3- 6 February 2010
AASCU – American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Academic Affairs Winter Meeting

Italy – Florence
February  28
Presentation at the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco Experts’ XII Round Table

Italy – Florence
March 15
Rotary Club Firenze Brunelleschi – President Giovanna Dani

Italy – Ferrara
March 26
La Conservazione del Patrimonio e il suo Valore per il Dialogo Interculturale attraverso il Turismo: opportunità, collaborazioni e ricerca (Heritage Conservation and its Value for Intercultural Dialogue through Tourism: opportunities, joined projects and research)
Round table by Nardini Editore and Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco within the program of the Salone dell’Arte del Restauro e della Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e Architettonici, the most important Italian fair on heritage conservation and restoration.

Italy – Pitigliano
April 10, 2010
Rotary Club di Pitigliano-Sorano-Manciano, President Angelo Biondi

Turkey – Istanbul
May 20-21
First international Policy Forum of Urban Growth and History in Euro-Asian Corridor organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Center (IMP), and the Istanbul Mayor Consultancy and Planning Office. In partnership with the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)

Italy – Florence
May 20-21
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation: Per il Dialogo Interculturale Life Beyond Tourism
paper during the III International Congress on Tourism & Environment

Ukraine – Odessa
May 21
Odessa “Regional Festival Degree&Profession” in collaboration with Odessa State Academy  of Architecture and Construction

Georgia – Tbilisi
June 16
during the ceremony for the delivery of the Laurea ad Honorem by the Tbilisi State University

Georgia – Tbilisi
June 17
during the ceremony for the delivery of the Laurea ad Honorem by the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Ukraine – Symperophol
3-6 October 2010
Symperophol “Regional Festival Degree&Profession”  in collaboration with Kharkov State University of Architecture and Construction


Italy – Rome
January 15-18
Presentation at the JOSP Festival: “Journey of the Spirits”. Download the presentation in.pdf

Italy – Florence
February  22
Presentation at the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco Experts’ XIth Round Table. Download the presentation in.pdf

Italy – Florence
March 6-8
4th ICOMOS Conference ISC Theory:  The Image of Heritage, Changing Perceptions, Permanent Responsabilities
Download the paper in.pdfDownload the presentation in.pdf

Azerbaijan – Baku
March 15-20
Presentation at the “International Regional Festival Degree&Profession” in the context of the official events to mark “2009: Baku, the Cultural Islamic Town”
Download the presentation in .pdf

Russia –Tomsk
May 13-14
Ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Tomsk State University Art and Culture Institute. Download the brochure in .pdf

Ukraine – Odessa
May 19-24
Odessa Festival Degree&Profession

Italy – Florence
June 12
Tuscan College of  Engineers. Round Table on “Humanist Culture and Technique in the         Conservation of Historical Buildings and Monuments” for the Level 2 Master’s Degree in the Restoration of Historic Buildings and Monuments: ‘Safety on the Construction Site’ Project. The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and ‘Life Beyond Tourism’. Download the presentation in .pdf


Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia
June 22-27
Italian Society for the Protection of Cultural Assets – SIPBC – 13th International Conference   “Border Zones: Cooperation in the Protection and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage;  program: ” Identity and diversity in border zones: policies for the use of tangible and  intangible cultural heritage as a tool for dialogue”. Address scheduled for 24 June in the 3rd section: ” Identity and diversity in border zones: policies for the use of tangible and intangible  cultural heritage as a tool for dialogue”. Our title:  ” Heritage for intercultural dialogue and for tourism based on values:  the “life beyond tourism” project, experiment and experience”. Download the presentation in .pdf

Italy -  Florence
July 10-12
International Conference ’Traditional Knowledge and Living Heritage’ promoted by  IPOGEA Società Cooperativa di Produzione e Lavoro. Paper presented during the session ‘Bridging desertification, climate change, biodiversity and world heritage – The creation of  International Centre of Traditional Knowledge and Living Heritage’. Paper title: ‘CULTURAL HERITAGE +  TOURISM  =  Life Beyond Tourism for intercultural dialogue through tourism based on values, not just on consumer services’. Download the presentation in .pdf

Russia – Ivanovo
September  9-12
Ivanovo “Regional Festival Degree&Profession” – Università Statale di Ivanovo

Russia – Saratov
September 13-21
“MOSSAO”: annual architecture and engineering universities meeting and presentation of the best doctoral thesis

Italy – Rome
October 28 – Campidoglio, Sala della Protomoteca
Meeting addressed to gather adhesions for the ’9th Goal of the Millenium’, promoted by the CIDC (Italian Coalition for the Cultural Diversity) and AIDC (Italian Association for the Cultural Diversity)

Italy – Florence
November 3-9
Symposium ‘”The Caucasus: Georgia on the Crossroads. Cultural Exchanges Across Europe and Beyond” within the session ‘Cultural Tourism and Preservation of Cultural Heritage’.

Italy – Florence
November 12
UNESCO  Florence Centre: ‘Sustainable Development and Heritage’. Week dedicated to the city and to the citizens promoted by the UNESCO Italian Committee.
Palazzo dei Giovani, Chiostro di Santa Maria Maggiore in Florence, Italy

Italy – Florence
November 24-27
International Festival Degree & Profession


Italy – Florence
February 26
Presentation to members of the Florence Industrialists Association. Download the presentation in.pdf

March 5
Delegation of the “State Library for Foreign Literature” and “Fedorov Printer Foundation”, Moscow. Download the presentation in.pdf

March 15
Official Presentation of “Life Beyond Tourism” in the Salone dei Duegento, Palazzo Vecchio. Download the presentation in.pdfDownload the brochure in.pdf

March 16
Signing of the Declaration of Intents. Download the declaration in.pdf

France – Nice
March 26
Presentation to the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Luxembourg and to the chair     of the Orientation Committee for “Cultural Itineraries” and Cultural Agency for the Council of Europe.

Austria – Vienna
April 23-27
III ICOMOS Congress ISC Theory. Download the presentation in.pdf

France – Strasbourg
May 06
Presentation to the director of the Council of Europe’s DG IV.

Italy – Florence
May 07
International conference by the Centro Studi Disegno Urbano (CISDU) “Urbs & Civitas”.

Italy – Forte dei Marmi
August  02
Presentation to Rizvan Bayramov, ranking functionary with the Azeri Cultural Ministry.  Download the presentation in.pdf

August 26
Presentation to Vladimir Egorov Rettore and Olga Karpova, vice-chancellor of Ivanovo State  University. Download the presentation in.pdf

Italy – Florence
June 27
Presentation at the inauguration of the exhbition entitled “The City of the Uffizi”.

Argentina – Rosario
September 13
III Congress on the “Marketing of  Cities”. Download the paper in.pdfDownload the presentation in.pdf

Italy – Reggio Calabria
September 23
Presentation to the Municipality of Bova Marina and the Scientific Committee for the Grecanica Area. Download the brochure in.pdf

Canada – Quebec
September 26 – October 04
XVI ICOMOS General Assembly, October 1 Participation in the ICOMOS Scientific Symposium entitled “Finding the Spirit of the Place”
Download the paper in.pdf Download the presentation in.pdf

Russia – Mosca
October 16
Conference at the “State Library for Foreign Literature”. Download the presentation in.pdf

Florence – Italy
November 06
Presentation at the “Costume Colloquium”. Download the presentation in.pdf

Italy – Paestum
November 13
Presentation at the “Mediterranean Archaeological Tourism Fair”. Download the brochure in .pdf

Italy – Florence
November 14
Presentation at the “Degree&Profession Florence International Exchange Festival” . Download the presentation in.pdf

December 3
Seminar on “Architectural Education and the Problems of Islamic Architectural Heritage Preservation”. Download the presentation in.pdf


Italy – Rome
February 2
ICCROM official presentation to the director general

United States, Wisconsin  – Green Bay
May 12
Green Bay University, Wisconsin – Honorary degree in humanistic and social sciences

Poland – Krakow
September 20-25
Conference on “Krakow and Florence in Europe, a Common Cultural Heritage” Part 1

Poland – Krakow
October 15
International Cultural Center “Florence and Krakow Towards Heritage”

Italy – Florence
November 25-27
Conference on “Krakow and Florence in Europe, a Common Cultural Heritage”  Part 2 Download here the article by the Foundation’s President Paolo Del Bianco

Azerbaijan – Baku
November 19-22
Baku University of Architecture and Building: International Conference “XXI Century – the Historic Islamic City”

Italy – Florence
December 3
UNICEF Delegation Azerbaijan,
December 14-20
Congress organized by the Rudomino Foundation:  “Liberalism”


Poland – Krakow
May 26
1st ICOMOS Congress – ISC Theory, International Cultural Centre

Italy – Florence
September 15
University of  Florence – UNESCO Forum,

Poland – Krakow
September 18-19
University of Science and Technology AGH “Interdisciplinary  Conference on Sustainable Development EURO-ECO 2006”

Russia – Tatarstan
September  17-23
Kazan State University of Architecture and Building

Russia – Ivanovo
September 26
Conference held to mark the ceremony officially awarding an honorary professorship at Ivanovo State University


Italy – Florence and Forte dei Marmi
Numerous workshops run by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and personal invitations  extended by the president’s family to faculty and staff from the universities the world over        fueled and bore out the theory underlying the Fondazione’s Manifesto.

A structured presentation of the experience built up over the previous 10 years and more first began to take shape in 2006.


Poland -Krakow
The Fondazione’s Manifesto was conceived in Krakow at the “International Conference on Conservation and Restoration”, 23 to 26 October 2000, the conference that was to spawn the Charter of Krakow. The Fondazione offered its contribution to Professor Andrzej Kadlucka, the conference’s program president, underscoring the absolute importance of taking tourism into account when planning urban development, in order to preemptively manage its future development andthus to encourage its positive aspects without running the risk of unplanned growth, which is a real and traumatic problem for cities that are also tourist destinations. (Charter of Krakow,   Management – Point 11). The story of Life Beyond Tourism got under way on the basis of the “Trbute to Florence and “VivaFlorence” experiments, and on the activities of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and its Manifesto.


In the very early nineties a Florentine hotel company, after operating for 15 years in the tourist hotel business, became fully aware of the fact that its economic activity was due to its ‘belonging to the territory’, to Florence. So it launched a simple project designed to offer a tangible “Tribute to Florence”.  This initiative gradually spawned a specific program entitled “VivaFlorence”. On 3 November 1998 the hotel company promoted the establishment of theFondazione Romualdo Del Bianco”.

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