I’m just watching a snow globe from Baku (ID 489) where snow is coming down. How nice atmosphere of  Chrismas Eve! You know, everybody has seen thousands of snow globes.  To be honest, see them in souvenir shop in the  summer in Florence,  is not so magical… ;). Anyway before the “tourist art”, the snow globe, was a unique object.  Is known that one of the first snow globe with the model of Eiffel Tower inside was ehibited in Paris at Universal  Expo of 1878. In that period the Eifffel Tower was recently inaugurated. In 1900 Erwin Perzy, who lived in Vienna, invented  the so-called Schneekugel (snow globe) and got the first patent for it. The producing of Perzy was very successfull event that his family has until today own shop with the production of “glass miracle”. You can visit the original house near Schönbrunn Palace where was born the fist Perzy’s snow ball and where is actually its unique museum (http://www.viennasnowglobe.at/museum).