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Israel the Special One

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Israel gained independence in 1948 and is a fairly young country with around 9 million population and area of more or less equal to New Jersey. When we talk about Israel the default thing that comes to most people's mind is desert, camels, hot climate and the most importantly the holy city of Jerusalem. Well Israel is much more than the usual perception, speaking of which you knew Jerusalem; one of the oldest cities in the world is also one of the smartest cities in the world. As it was the first city in the world to be completely covered by wifi. In this article we have put five facts that might astonish you and that you probably didn't know about Israel. <h2><b>#1 Lots of beautiful Beaches</b></h2> Israel is blessed with 273 km of beaches hugging the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea and The Sea of Galilee (The Lowest Sweet Water Lake in the world). Dead Sea is the lowest point of earth; if you find it difficult to float in the water then Dead Sea is the perfect place for you. The salt concentration here is so high that anyone can stay afloat here. That’s amazing right! <h2><b>#2 Contributions to Technology </b></h2> Israel is a technologically advanced nation. World's first anti-virus, technology to prevent accidents, gesture controlled system, taxi at your service app believe it or not were all developed in Israel. Israel is also not behind so far as Startups are concerned. Most of the famous entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Billionaires of our time have been involved in a startup one way or the other. Outside of Silicon Valley, Israel has the largest concentration of startups with close to 3000 startups. So it will not be a surprise for you if I say the technology that enables us to chat over messengers were invented here in Israel. USB stick which lets us save GBs of data in Hard disks is an invention from Israel. <h2><b>#3 Global Happiness Index</b></h2> Over a period of time Israel has been involved in many conflicts with its neighbors namely Egypt, Lebanon and the most recent Palestinian conflict. With a population of not more than 9 million and relatively smaller land area and so many conflicts one would presume that life in Israel will be full of unrest and uncertainties. To our great surprise life in Israel is anything but uncertain, in the Global Happiness Index Israel has been listed at 11! <h2><b> #4 Irrigation in Israel</b></h2> With 60% of land mass as desert most of the countries would find it difficult to grow vegetables, pulses to feed its citizens but not in Israel. With the invention of drip Irrigation Israel has become World Food exporter, it has now become possible to grow crops 3 times in a year in the same land as supposed to only one time by the traditional way. Many countries are trying to implement the same method which can solve the food crisis situation that the world faces today. <h2><b>#5 Education</b></h2> No country can develop without a strong education system. Israel is a nation which rightfully stresses on the education of its citizens. So it is not surprising when we hear that there are more women in Israel with a degree than men and there have been 9 Israelis who have won Nobel Prize in Sciences with the last one being Dan Shechtman for the discovery of the Quasiperiodic Crystals! There are many things that the world can learn from Israel. From the orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem to the technology driven suburbs of Tel Aviv, Israel in spite of a small nation is a diverse, strong, developed and a happy nation.  
added by deborah belford
on 19/11/2017
Age: from 30 to 35 years old

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