015The Tuscan people are famous for their strong language but at the same time rich in history, every expression of them is connected to some event from centuries  ago and even their names have a hint to the tradition of their city. In Florence, as in many other Tuscan places, a frequent way of calling oneself, even with a lovely meaning, is “bischero”. Why do you say that? The Bischeris was a Florentine family of 1300 who owned several buildings in Florence, when the town decided the construction of the cathedral they were forced to sell, but refused because, in their opinion, the amount offered diminished the quality of their properties. One day, however, a fire broke out that ruined all their possessions, so they were forced to sell to the city at a price much lower than the previous one had been offered before. From that day the way of calling “bischero” was born to define a person who thinks to be very clever  but then proves the opposite. The Tuscans have countless ways to name themselves and many times even the most negative meaning is accompanied by great affection both by those who use it, and for those who receive it. In this case, “oh bischero” can be used in circumstances goliardic or simply to say goodbye to old friends, almost completely losing the historical significance of their origin. In Florence we manage to be historical even when we would insult someone.