Special clothing, particular foods, traveling rituals and economic prosperity are some of the many issues to solve when it comes to New Year’s eve in the Latin American continent.
When it comes to clothing, some countries take it very seriously. In Argentina they wear pink underwear to attract love, while in Chile and Venezuela they wear yellow colour underwear to bring abundance and prosperity in matters of love, luck and money. In Brazil though, they wear white clothing to keep away evil spirits.
Foods and particular rituals take place everywhere, eating lentils at midnight to have work and money all year long, as well as sweeping the house from the inside out to remove bad energies are some of the rituals practiced by Chileans.
Eating 12 grapes at midnight to the rhythm of the twelve bells is a common ritual in Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. In Colombia and Venezuela, to walk around the block carrying an empty suitcase would bring money, health and fortune all year long.
In Ecuador, the tradition is to burn a ragdoll, this way they believe to burn all of the bad stuff of the past year and welcome the new one.
In El Salvador, the custom is to break an egg in glass of water and leave it near a window, in the morning the figure that the egg reveals will be what will give you fortune on the New Year.