Shanghai and Florence get closer through art, with an exhibition inaugurated simultaneously between Italy and China

A video conference will allow to synchronize the ribbon cut in the
two exhibition venues, the Auditorium at the Duomo of Florence and the Meibo Art Center in Shanghai


A group exhibition of Italian and Chinese artists to create a bridge between distant cultures. The “Contemporary Art Exhibition in the cities of Florence and Shanghai” was inaugurated on Sunday, April 15(10 am) in the Sala Borselli of the Auditorium at the Duomo of Florence (via de ‘Cerretani 54 / r). The ribbon-cutting was done simultaneously between the two cities through a video conference between the two exhibition venues, the Auditorium at the Duomo of Florence and the Meibo Art Center in Shanghai.

The inauguration included sppeches by: Paolo Del Bianco, president of the Centro Congressi al Duomo, Carlo Cascianelli, vice president of the Moving Gallery association, Angela Tagani, artist and director of the Moving Gallery association, Stefano Favaretto, artist of the Moving Gallery association.

Seventeen the artists involved: from Italy Claudio Barbugli, Italo Bolano, Anna Cecchetti, Stefano Favaretto, Leda Giannoni, Alessandro Nocentini, Filippo Rossi, Angela Tagani, Fulvio Taccini, Osamu Tanimoto and from China Li Yan, Chen Xiao Yun, Wang Tian, Wang Dong Dong, Wang Hai Xia, Chen Ke Ai, Lin Yi Feng.

The exhibition is organized by China 2000 Srl, Modern International Company and the Centro Congressi al Duomo, in collaboration with the Shanghai Meibo Art Center and the Moving Gallery in the framework of Life Beyond Tourism. This is the third artistic event promoted by the Moving Gallery Association after the exhibition of Italian artists in Shanghai in May 2015 and the one at the Basolato di Fiesole in September 2016, that collected the works of Italian and Chinese artists. The Centro Congressi al Duomo continues in its mission to create, through a fruitful collaboration with other local and international institutions, a bridge for a dialogue between the two cultures so apparently distant but that can find in art the same language and common views .

The exhibition was held from April 11 to 19 in the Auditorium al Duomo of Florence.