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24 November 2017

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Kemerovo and Ekaterinburg: recent Life Beyond Tourism missions around the world

Category: Life Beyond Tourism Activities

26 October 2017

First stop in Kemerovo, heart of Siberia in Russia. Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and International Institute Life Beyond Tourism took part at the high-level international seminar and round table "Preservation of cultural tourism and sustainable tourism: international review of cultural tourism", held by Kemerovo State University of Art, during which a key-note lecture "BEYOND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: World Heritage Sites for Dialogue for Planet Earth" was delivered on behalf of the President of the Foundation Paolo Del Bianco.
Significantly, in the framework of the event, a Memorandum of Collaboration was signed between the Kemerovo State Institute of Culture and the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, with an objective of going beyond a mere signature and moving towards new horizons of applying the Philosophy and Model Life Beyond Tourism in Siberia starting from the Kemerovo Institute of Culture.
Furthermore, a specialized master-class entitled "Model Life Beyond Tourism for intercultural dialogue and sustainable territorial development" was also held in Russian language by Alesia Koush, Secretary and Trainer of the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism, to the students of Tourism, Marketing, Economics and Heritage Studies.
The collaboration between the two institutions is based on a solid common ground of interests, related to the awareness-raising activity of local territories, promoting intercultural dialogue, importance of preserving cultural and natural heritage and local sustainable development  as a contribution to peaceful coexistence among peoples.
The mission Life Beyond Tourism further continued in Ekaterinburg, in the Urals, where the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and International Institute Life Beyond Tourism attended the XXVI International Expo of Best Diploma Projects in Architecture, Design and Art by MOOCAO International Organisation for the promotion of architectural education. In the framework of the XXVI Expo, Life Beyond Tourism Movement was presented in 2 different moments. First, the speech "HERITAGE for PLANET EARTH" on behalf of President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, Paolo Del Bianco, was delivered at the scientific conference "Spaces of the Urban Civilization: Ideas, Problems, Concepts". Secondly and with the aim of raising awareness of the young generations, the master-class "Model Beyond Tourism: best practices for sustainable territorial development with travel and heritage" was also held to the architecture and design students.

While in Ekaterinburg, the representatives of the Foundation and Institute had a chance also to attend the 100+ FORUM RUSSIA with an aim of developing collaboration with the Research Institute of Building Physics NIISF RAACS and his Director Igor Shubin present in Ekaterinburg on this occasion.
With the Director of the Research Institute of Building Physics NIISF RAACS Igor Shubin
at the 100+ FORUM RUSSIA in Ekaterinburg




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