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19 September 2017

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8 Amazing Things You Must Do in Kenya

Category: Travel

18 August 2017
If you’re traveling half way around the world to go on an African safari, it’s certainly worth seeing the whole area you’re visiting. While safaris are a great way to see the “real Africa,” Kenya has other rich tourist opportunities like museums, parks, and historical ruins.
So below are some of the top things to do in Kenya.  

Lamu Old Town

This preserved Swahili settlement is the oldest in East Africa.
It still has many of its traditional functions. It has hosted major religious festivals for generations and is a center for studying Swahili and Islamic cultures. Homes built out of mangrove timber and coral stone offer simple architectural features that are embellished by artwork like carved wooden doors.
Gede Ruins 
History and nature lovers will want to hit up this site.
This abandoned town is rich in history and has some amazing exotic plant life. Wildlife can also be spotted in the town. It was once a bustling Swahili-Arab coastal settlement.
Stone homes, a palace, and mosques remain at the site. A unique architectural feature is the stone “pillar tombs.” It was occupied as early as the eleventh century and then abandoned in the early seventeenth century.    

Hell’s Gate National Park

Set in the Great Rift Valley, this park got its name from the geothermal activity that happens within the park. One of the features of the park is the plumes of geothermal steam. Here you can also see water gorges, rock towers, cliffs, and volcanoes.
Activities include rock climbing, mountain biking, and a natural spa. And the park is home to amazing bio diversities like African buffalo and zebra.   

Nairobi National Museum

One of the best things to do in Kenya is visit a museum.
For a wide look at Kenya’s rich history, you can’t go wrong with Nairobi National Museum. The site also has shopping and dining locations and is known for its artistic botanical gardens.

Aberdare National Park

When you think of Africa’s lush atmosphere with roaring waterfalls and monkeys, you’re probably picturing something akin to Aberdare National Park.
Forested ravines and open moorland allow you to experience natural Africa. The park features a wide range of wildlife, like elephants, black rhinos, hyenas, leopards, baboons, colobus monkeys, and warthogs.   

Machakos People’s Park

If you want a leisurely time in a well-maintained open park, check out this location.
The park has activities like zip-lining, boat riding, and horseback riding. The park also hosts children’s games, and reviews say there are a restaurant and club.   

Karen Blixen Museum

It’s hard to travel around Kenya without hearing about Karen Blixen.
Blixen was a Danish author who owned farmland with her husband in Kenya. The Oscar-winning 1985 film “Out of Africa” gave the location international fame.
Most of the land has been sold off and turned into the suburb of Karen. But the farmhouse remains as a museum dedicated to the history of the site. 

Check out the beaches

One of the best things to do in Kenya, and is easily overlooked, are the beaches along the eastern coast.
Most people think about the lions and Swahili villages, but Africa boasts some white sand and clear water beaches. Check out spots like Malindi Beach and Lamu Beach.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of the reason for visiting Kenya whether it be for work or pleasure, there are numerous things to do and see. From the beautiful beaches to the rich history preserved at various museums, don’t miss out on the advantage to see one of these eight amazing sites.


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