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23 November 2017

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ICOMOS Russia Annual Conference in Yaroslavl

Category: Life Beyond Tourism Activities

25 June 2017
21-22 June, 2017 - Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and International Institute Life Beyond Tourism took an active part at the Annual Conference of the ICOMOS Russia National Committee entitled “Cultural Heritage – the platform for Dialogue” that took place on 21-22 June, 2017, in the historic city of Yaroslavl, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The conference was inaugurated by the President of ICOMOS Russia National Committee followed by other high-level institutional greetings, among which those on behalf of the Vice Minister of Culture of Russian Federation, Oleg Ryzhkov, Secretary General of ICOMOS International Kirsti Kovanen (Finland) and ICOMOS International Vice-Presidents Gideon Koren (Israel) and Toshiyuki Kono (Japan) and other national and international authorities.

Opening by the President ICOMOS RussiaAlexander Kudryavtsev

Significantly, the institutional address of the President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, Paolo Del Bianco, was delivered directly in the Russian language by Alesia Koush, Secretary of the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism conceived and founded by the Foundation. At the conclusion of the speech, an honorary medal was delivered by the Secretary General of the Foundation Simone Giometti to the President ICOMOS Russia Alexander  Petrovich Kudryavtsev, so as to express the friendship, gratitude and strong ties of collaboration between the two institutions.

Delivery of the Medal to Alexander Kudryavtsev on behalf of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco

The Conference proceeded with Plenary and Scientific Sessions all convergent to the unique common denominator of the theme “Cultural Heritage – a platform for dialogue”, and various opportunities were discussed. The presentation by the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism was delivered in the Russian language by its Secretary Alesia Koush and focused on the enforcement of local Learning Communities (a concept conceived by the Foundation), favouring intercultural dialogue, Certification System Life Beyond Tourism for the management systems, as well as educational activities of the Institute Life Beyond Tourism – specifically Training for Trainers intensive courses aimed at transmitting the knowledge and skills to young professors, researchers and docents becoming Tutors Life Beyond Tourism for the current academic year.

Presentation of Life Beyond Tourism Learning Communities and Certification System by Alesia Koush

The Annual Conference  of the ICOMOS Russia NC resulted to be of great success for strengthening the ties of collaboration with ICOMOS Russia – basing also on the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Foundation and ICOMOS Russia - and re-affirming new partnerships with other Universities and Institutions present in Yaroslavl on that occasion.  
Final Gala Dinner of the ICOMOS Russia Annual Conference, Volga Restaurant
Volga River in Yaroslavl



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