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15 December 2017

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Towards G7: Conclusions of the 19 International Assembly of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco to be delivered to the Minister Franceschini

Category: Life Beyond Tourism Activities

29 March 2017

The aim is to disseminate the ethos of the Movement Life Beyond Tourism, born in these years thanks to the collaboration between the network of Universities and Institutions in over 80 Countries on 5 continents, recognized at the international level, approved and tested by ICOMOS, evolved and experimented in Florence in the hotels of the Centro Congressi al Duomo.

Florence, March 25, 2017 – The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® will deliver to the Minister Franceschini a summary of the founding principles of the Movement Life Beyond Tourism: an invitation to examine the movement that promotes intercultural dialogue and its application on the international scale for peace and sustainable development in peaceful coexistence. This document was approved at the conclusion of the 19th General Assembly of international experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® and of the International Conference 'Heritage for Planet Earth' (with 250 participants from 48 countries, 104 cities on 5 continents, in the presence of Tuscany Region, City of Florence, UNESCO, UNWTO, ICCROM, ICOMOS, ICOM, NASA experts and ESA - European Space Agency – along with 62 patronages to the event).
The Assembly and Conference were held in Florence on March 11-12, 2017, as a contribution to the international community with an aim of spreading the philosophy of the movement, born in these years thanks to the collaboration with universities and institutions from over 80 Countries on 5 continents, internationally recognized, approved and tested by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) with the ICOMOS Resolution 2014/42, evolved and experimented in the hotels of the Centro Congressi al Duomo: a center of services for travelers but also a center of strong applied research. The document, in Italian, French, Spanish and Russian, will be presented to the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini before the G7 of Culture, to be held in Florence on March 30-31, 2017, to which also the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® will take part. Further, the document will also be presented at the next global appointment of the Foundation, which was invited to the 4th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue "Advancing Intercultural Dialogue: New Avenues for Human Security, Peace and Sustainable Development" to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. In this case, the Foundation, which has signed a Memorandum of Collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, has been invited to participate at the Forum by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, UNESCO, UNAOC, UNWTO, FAO, Council of Europe and ISESCO.

Opening Ceremony of the 19th General Assembly of international experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® and of the International Conference 'Heritage for Planet Earth'

The document contains the main points of the Movement Life Beyond Tourism and invites to consider its application on the international scale for sustainable development in peaceful coexistence. The main actor of all this is 'the travel', which represents a great potential and a real hope if, abandoned the trend of favoring the sale of services and consumption, a new start could be made with the exaltation of travelling based on the discovery of values of single places, in respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, it is necessary to promote travel experience specially designed and organized to propose to the visitors the moments of attention towards the ideas useful for the international community: a new commercial product with a different ethic, oriented at the dialogue among cultures and, through this, able to stimulate considerations useful for the promotion of respect for the planet Earth.
In the final document, approved at the conclusion of the 19th General Assembly of the international experts of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism® and of the International Conference ‘Heritage For Planet Earth’, has been identified the fundamental role of the protagonists of various communities involved in the travelling industry (residents, travelers, local services’ providers, cultural institutions, intermediaries, public authorities and administrations, research centers, training and education institutions, designers) who believe in the enormous potential of their work for the international community and commit themselves to truly performing their role, and not only business.
Due to their vision and determination, the above are called by the Foundation "Learning Communities" and commit themselves to the activation and exercise of intercultural dialogue for the benefit of the international community and health of the Planet Earth that we all share.

Panel Session “Save the Planet: Think, Travel, Act LIFE BEYOND TOURISM Style!”

The exceptional number of presences and multiculturalism, attracted by World Heritage Sites, gives to the latter ones a new duty to undertake a commitment to use this richness for promoting dialogue as a further form of "protection", as required by the UNESCO 1972 Convention. UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but also other sites that receive visitors interested in their cultural and natural heritage, should submit, within their territorial Management Plans and specific Action Plans, the indications on how they will facilitate intercultural dialogue in their territories, and this will become a form of a commercial offer for a sophisticated public that begins to perceive the importance of being available to the international community and acting for the care of the planet Earth.
It is fundamental that all this effort is set up, applied and measured periodically, even by the end user, so as to evaluate the achievement of objectives with the help of quality certification according to international standards.
The necessity to conduct medium and long term mobile research on market trends was also emphasized, in order to encourage a conscious development of each geographic area, without allowing it to be overwhelmed by future market trends that demonstrate to be more and more hectic and aggressive. These trends, if uncontrolled, can traumatize the territory as a whole as it has happened in many cities, following the boom of tourism and because of the speed of its evolution, which often allowed for the oversize supply: an error that, in its turn, can lead to decisions inconsistent with the needs of protection and enhancement of the site itself.
Today we notice that new World Heritage Sites are admirably committed to pursue the path of careful programming of their tourism development, in terms of numbers and typology. The results, of course, will have to be evaluated, but the political decision that enlightens them is certainly forward-looking in setting the aims of balanced development.
The welcome and hospitality programs should recognize and apply possible major synergies between the UNESCO 1972 Convention (World Heritage), which attracts multiculturalism to World Heritage Sites (multiculturalism that promotes dialogue, understanding and respect for diversity) and UNESCO Conventions 2003 (Intangible Heritage) and 2005 (Diversity of Cultural Expressions) and their promotion at the wider levels. The latter two promote the protection of Heritage Sites.

It is therefore important to create "Programs and Centers of awareness, education and comprehensive training for intercultural dialogue during travel experience, for the discovery of values of the visited place and awareness-raising about the health of the Planet Earth" reaching out towards a true new travelling commercial product with a new ethic for the benefit of the international community.
Life Beyond Tourism alleges that in the wonderful world of tourism with its global network, which represents a true work of art of the last 70 years, the train of tourism based on services and consumption has reached its destination. From the station now has to depart a new train dedicated to the discovery of values of sites in order to help the growth of the world community getting increasingly multicultural; indeed well beyond tourism (hence "Life, Beyond Tourism"), there are huge opportunities to be seized that cannot be lost, especially starting from World Heritage Sites that have taken on a new responsibility in protection.
Palazzo Coppini - International Meetings and Study Centre,
headquarters of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®

The conclusions of the Assembly and of the International Conference, therefore, represent a significant contribution to the already undertaken international activity, such as the aforementioned 4th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue in Azerbaijan in May, the 2013-2022 International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures of UNESCO, 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations, as well as a call to action to promote intercultural dialogue as one of the Millennium Development Goals.
Finally, Life Beyond Tourism will be presented at the BIT - International Travel Exhibition in Milan, where the Foundation was invited by the Tuscany Region to be present at its own stand (Hall 4 C 37-C41 / F36-F42) and to hold a panel on  April 3, 2017, entitled "Business and Sustainability: from Tuscany with by Life Beyond Tourism - beyond tourism of services and consumption - the first hotel reservation portal that supports the territory". On this occasion, the Foundation will sign a cooperation agreement with Toscana Promozione Turistica.


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