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24 November 2017

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LBT course "TRAVEL&DIALOGUE" in Novosibirsk, Capital of Siberia

Category: Life Beyond Tourism Activities

3 October 2016

From 18-25 September 2016, the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation took part at the XXV International Expo-Contest of qualification diploma projects in Architecture and Design in Novosibirsk, Capital of Siberia, Russia. The EXPO has been organized by MOOCAO (Interregional public organization of favouring architectural education) for 25 years with the 2016 being the jubilee year for this important event. The Foundation has a long-lasting and strong collaboration in MOOCAO since the 2002 when a delegation of Russian Rectors of MOOCAO was invited by the Foundation and the City of Florence at the Palazzo Vecchio, and speeches were also given directly in the Russian language in respect to numerous participants from ex-Soviet union Republics present on that occasion. This collaboration with the Foundation was underlined more than once at the 25th anniversary EXPO publication edited by the organizers and MOOCAO. Therefore, all the participants to the event were invited to take part at the XIX General Assembly of the Foundation in Florence (11-12 March 2017), in the framework of which the international conference “Travel and Architecture” will be held.  

Thus, at the XXV Novosibirsk edition of the EXPO took part over 55 Universities from almost as many cities, and 600 top level diploma projects in architecture and design were exhibited, having previous passed competitive local selection process among the peers. It is possible to see the over-viewing Expo video on this link.
In the framework of this initiative, a professional Master-Class Life Beyond Tourism was given to over 200 young students of different specializations (see photos). The Master-class was entitled “Travel & Dialogue. The responsibility of Architecture in the era of Globalization” and was given in the Russian language by Dr.ssa Alesia Koush, Expert of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation. The Master-class in Novosoibirsk is a preview of the intensive courses Life Beyond Tourism imparted  by the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism both in Florence and on-site in avrious Universities of the Foudnation's network. Thus, these course have already been conducted in Josai International Univeirsity (Tokyo, Japan), in Azerbaijan state university of architecture and construction (Baku, Azerbaijan), Toyo University (Tokyo, Japan). Yamagata Prefecture (Tokyo, Japan). The next upcoming specialized Life Beyond Tourism intensive course is scheduled to be held in Florence, 14-18 November, 2016 and will give the basis of the philosophy, practice and precise components of the Life Beyond Tourism Model, which is the result of the Foundation’s over-25-years research and on-the-ground activity in stimulating the intercultural dialogue and raising awareness about the role of traveller in it.  

Furthermore, the presentation of the most recent Foundation’s publication “World Heritage Sites for Dialogue with Life Beyond Tourism” took place in front of architecture and education specialists from over 50 cities. The above presentation was part of the international conference “Contemporary technologies and methodologies of architecture and art education” and a large number of books were freely distributed after the presentation. It was specifically underlined how important it is to reverse the tourism paradigm and ‘use’ heritage, architecture and travel itself as instruments of intercultural dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

During the days in Novosibirsk, numerous institutional and working meetings were held with partners of the Foundation from MOOCAO network, strengthening the multi-year collaboration and opening up new opportunities for common activities. Among other, the meeting with the Rector of the hosting Novosibirsk state university of architecture, design and arts, Dr. Prof. Natalia Bagrova was held for further development of educational collaboration with the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation.

Official Opening of XXV International Expo-Contest of diploma projects in Architecture and Design
Ilgar Aliyev, Sergey Brovchenko, Simone Giometti, Andrej Efimov,  Evgenj Barsukov
Simone Giometti, Secretary General of the Foundation and Valeriy Aurov, Organizational Committee of MOOCAO
Master-Class "Travel & Dialogue. Responsability of Architecture in the Era of Globalization"
delivered by Alesia Koush, Expert of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
Simone Giometti, Secretary General of the Foundation, Natalia Bagrova, Rector of Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts, and Alesia Koush, Expert of the Foundation
With the Azerbaijan Delegation: Zahida Mammadova and Ilgar Aliyev
by Alesia Koush, Expert of the Foundation
by Alesia Koush, Expert of the Foundation
With the Armenian delegation, Armen Shatvoryan and Armen Bubushyan
Simone Giometti, Secretary General of the Foundation with Oleg Stakheev, Tomsk State Technical University of Architecture and Building Construction
Working meeting at the Novosibirsk state university of Architecture, Design and Arts with Rector of the University Natalia Bagrova, Councilor of the Rector Gennadij Pustovietov, President of the Union of Architects of Russia Andrey Bokov, Secretary General of the Foundation Simone Giometti, Secretary Gene  ral CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media) Eija Salmi, Designer Xiao Yong, China 
Rector of Novosibirsk state university of architecture, design and arts Natalia Bagrova delivering certificate of participation to Simone Giometti, Secretary General of the Foundation

Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, Life Beyond Tourism, F Del Bianco


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