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23 November 2017

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11 November 2011
Art Exhibition "HUNGARY CELEBRATES DANTE" Madarassy Istvan’s "pittosculture" (Hungary) This exhibition will takes place in Florence from 26th November to 6th December 2011 at the Cathedral Auditorium, proud member of The Life Beyond Tourism ®, Caffè Astra al Duomo, Via de 'Cerretani 54 / r 26th November to 6th December 2011 Auditorium al Duomo and the Caffè Astra al Duomo, Via de 'Cerretani 54 / r - Firenze Art Exhibition "HUNGARY CELEBRATES DANTE" Madarassy Istvan’s "pittosculture" (Hungary) Opening day with the presence of the artist: Saturday, November 26th, 18:30 FREE ADMISSION (Monday to Sunday, 10-18 and during evening events) In collaboration with the Museo Casa di Dante in Florence. The opening ceremony will take place at 4 pm at the Museo Casa di Dante (Florence, Via Santa Margherita, where István Madarassy will donate one of his sculptures inspired by his love to Dante. The exihibition will keep on at the Cathedral Auditorium where the artist will exhibit a selection of his most significant works. Istvan Madarassy The Hungarian artist Istvan Madarassy is considered one of the leading sculptors of copper in Europe, signed in the past, the restoration of the main sights of Budapest and was awarded the Medal of Merit by the President of the Republic of Hungary. Madarassy Istvan born in Budapest in 1948. And 'member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts European Union with headquarters in Salzburg (Austria). In Italy, more precisely in Ravenna, his "Gates of Hell", has received the gold medal of the Biennale Dante. His sculptures depicting St. Stephen King of Hungary and Queen Gisella, were presented to Pope John Paul II by the President of the Republic of Hungary Ferenc Madl. Another of his works is the UN. He has exhibited around the world, from Paris, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Frankfurt and Milan. The artist presents a series of important Magyar His creations result of the precise ability to merge the hand with the technique: Madarassy it intervenes on the copper plate using a blowtorch, thus giving rise to images, changing landscapes and charming, with effects from aurora Northern Lights. In these works that could be called "pittosculture" - showing the overlap of branches and twisted trees - pictures will be added from which peep heads and big hands, with vivid expression. In fact, while the hand is the means by which the artist creates, the mind and spirit are the crucible, the cradle of inspiration, where it begins the process of transformation and sublimation of matter. As a novice Demiurge, Madarassy soul infuses the matter, blowing a magical divine breath: copper so bitten by the fire, oxidized, shaped to life and soul liberating light and life.


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