From 2018 the philosophy and Movement Life Beyond Tourism become part of foreign curricula

The Model by Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® will be taught outside Italy

Moscow (Russia), Kemerovo (Siberia), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Minsk (Belarus): starting from 2018 the philosophy and “Movement Life Beyond Tourism®” will be taught in some institutions of these four foreign cities.   The first course “Training for Trainers Life Beyond Tourism®” was held in Florence in October 2017. The Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism®, created by the  Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®, hosted for four days the  Library of Foreign Literature “Rudomino” of Moscow, with its network of over 40,000 regional libraries throughout Russia, the State Cultural Institute of Kemerovo in Siberia, the Belarusian State University of Economics of Minsk, the University of Tourism and Management of Azerbaijan in Baku and the Institute of Design and Advertising of the Academy of Business and Management, Moscow.

The participants received specialized training on the Life Beyond Tourism® philosophy and movement and its operational tools applied in the territories. The four-days course provided solid basis of theoretical and practical knowledge in the framework of the sustainable development Model for intercultural dialogue Life Beyond Tourism® on the issues of conservation and use for social purposes of natural and cultural (material and immaterial) heritage. Lastly, the participants also learned about the conscious management of the tourism phenomenon, on a global level and on the single territories, in order not to make them become victims of market trends.

In addition to all of this, the training aimed above all at providing future Trainers with the tools to introduce Life Beyond Tourism® into their academic programs. A personalized application of Life Beyond Tourism® will be then carried out respecting the needs of single places. At the end of the intensive course, all participants singularly presented how they plan to insert and implement the Life Beyond Tourism® teaching in their home institution.

Working within the international Life Beyond Tourism® Movement, raising awareness on the importance of preserving one’s identity, educating professional communities in the ethics of acceptance and dialogue in the context of the globalized world, and finally learning how to manage in an intelligent way tourism in its territory in order not to become unconscious victims of the market: these are the cornerstones of the high training for Trainers Life Beyond Tourism® who become the real ambassadors in the world and on their territory.

The next appointment with the intensive course Training for Trainers Life Beyond Tourism® is in Florence, from February 12 to 15,  2018, in English language. Among others, the Union of Cities and Local Governments of Africa  will participate.