The Life Beyond Tourism® Certification

The Life Beyond Tourism®  Movement offers a voluntary certification system based on several requirements that are awarded plaques of recognition, when adopted, to those organizations that distinguish themselves with regard to the  sharing, implementation, and strengthening of sustainable tourism practices, specifically in the area of Dialogue Among Cultures and the respect for the Heritage of the Location: the primary source that attracts tourists to a destination.

The certification responds to the growing demand of travelers when it comes to programs and products in favor of sustainable tourism, and is developed in response to the policies that are expressed and promoted by many international organizations including:

  1. UNESCO: “International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures 2013-2022”
  2. UN: “Millennium Development Goals in 2050”
  3. UN: “2017, Year of Tourism for Sustainable Development”


The objective of the certification is:

  • to promote the adoption of best practices for maximizing the quality of services and products offered by organizations (public and private) involved in the tourism sector, while minimizing the negative impact on the heritage of the territory, a primary source of the influx of travelers.
  • to verify the results of the management policy for the Dialogue Among Cultures, based on principles of transparency, evaluation of the results, and the involvement of management and its personnel in a progressive system of continuous improvement.

Who is the target?

The certification is aimed at all those in the area who take part in and work through encouraging the development of sustainable tourism and intercultural dialogue: Residents, Travelers, namely temporary residents –  Services on the site (hotels, restaurants, shops, in general etc.), Cultural Institutions, Online and Offline Intermediaries, Public Administration, Market Trends Analysis Research Centers, Training Institutions.

The Certification allows you to provide a product that goes beyond a common tourist service. A product that helps to preserve and maintain our planet.

  1. Distinguish yourself from the competition
  2. Offer quality assurance
  3. Enhance your role in the territory



Applying for certification

The certification provides for a protocol that sets management criteria, requirements, and result indicators that cross the various management and operational levels of an organization. It is a tool that is implemented beginning with sharing the fundamental principles contained in the Life Beyond Tourism – 2008 and 2014 – Manifestos and that develops through the implementation of management policies and procedures, specific staff training, and the offer of services and products that are contextualized and in line with the values defined by major international organizations that work towards developing sustainable tourism.

The application of the Program also includes the use of documentation entitled:

  • Guidelines for Management System Certification Application for Life Beyond Tourism Dialogue Among Cultures
  • “Rules of the Management System for Life Beyond Tourism Dialogue Among Cultures”
  • “Standards, Tools, and Applicative Documentation for the Management System for Life Beyond Tourism Dialogue Among Cultures”

    Structure and Contents of the Certification


Levels of Certification: Obtaining and Maintaining

The certification is a management system that allows for it to be adopted on three levels – MEMBER, SELF-CERTIFICATION, CERTIFICATE – facilitating its gradual implementation and the gradual improvement of the practices for a Dialogue Among Cultures.

Provides for sharing  Life Beyond Tourism – 2008-2014 – Manifestos. Any  individual or organization can become a member. Valid for 12 months.
Aimed at commercial and non-commercial bodies and organizations that adopt the management system certification, follow the management criteria, and within the same framework use the indicators, and periodically measure the results. On a regular basis, the self-certified subject will publish an on-line annual review. The on-line market can assess and comment on  the  commitment and the results achieved. Valid for 12 Months.
This applies to all those who want to attain certification through an audit process by a qualified external certifying body that is authorized by Life Beyond Tourism to perform the audit. Periodically, the certified subject will publish its annual review on-line – along with the audit by the certifying body – and can then exhibit the certification. The on-line market can assess and comment on the commitment and the results achieved. Valid for 12 months.
In support of the certification process, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Life Beyond Tourism and the Life Beyond Tourism International Institute will implement a training program aimed at all those interested in pursuing the levels of certification. The training activities are optional for obtaining certification for all subjects, with the exception of the “Residents and Travelers”.