The Sake is unique.

It ‘is Japan itself, so much so that only mentioning it,  it is natural to think to this beautiful and in many ways still mysterious Country, and to its beautiful Culture as well; for those who like it, sake is a delight for the palate, and for connoisseurs, there are dozens and dozens of different qualities, all extremely refined.

You can drink Sake with family, with friends, during official ceremonies, during important inaugurations and even during the sacred rites linked to Shintō, because it is a drink has always been linked to the divine pantheon of Shintō.

You can drink hot (temperature rigorously between 35 and 40 °) or cold, and is accompanied by all kinds of food.

But do not overdo it, because the Sake seems harmless, but once the party or agape are over.. you realize suddenly how this fabolous drink from the clear colour and very special taste, strong and dangerous could be….

But, those who have tasted it, then, do not forget it ever again…..