Moritzburg_resizeFirst of January, time of good intensions, the year should start in the best possible way! That’s why I decided to do my traditional New Year Walk in Moritzburg: this German small town near Dresden, in Saxony, is famous for its romantic castle. In 1973 was made in this fabulous place the film “Three Nuts for Cinderella”, a Czech variation of the fairytale, which became a Christmas classic in Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Ukraine and Russia. The castle is surrounded by lakes and if you are lucky and the winter is really cold, it is possible to skate on it. Then the lake is filled with children and also adults, so it looks like a painting by Brueghel! But even if there is no snow and ice, the walk around the lake during the sunset becomes an unforgettable moment… And Dresden is near, two stone’s throws. You can conclude your trip and warm yourself with an egg punch in front of the recently reconstructed “Frauenkirche” Church.