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    Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®

    Life Beyond Tourism®

    Travel for Dialogue


    One Planet, One Origin, Many Cultures, One Shared Destiny, Or None!

    Florence, March 3-4, 2018

    Auditorium al Duomo, via de’ Cerretani 54r






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    Our vision


    Now more than ever the World International Community cannot separate dialogue among cultures from the development of peaceful coexistence and safeguarding of the planet Earth we all share.

    The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation has fulfilled its commitment with the Life Beyond Tourism Philosophy and Initiative that combines factors like heritage fruition, values-oriented travel, intercultural dialogue for safeguarding the planet Earth for attaining a new commercial offer where the local “Learning Communities” are the main actors.

    World Heritage Sites -very rich in multiculturality on their sites- can play a significant role in promoting dialogue among cultures, which is consequently useful also  for the sustainability of the Planet Earth and for the management of our territories and our lives
    in conclusion, WHS are important for the future of our cities, sites and planet Earth: our future!

    We remember the words of Ban Ki-moon (former UN Secretary General) pronounced last year about  the ‘transformation’ aspired for by the United Nations Post-2015 Agenda:

    “Transformation is our watchword.
    At this moment in time, we are called to lead and act with courage.
    We are called to embrace change.
    Change in our societies.
    Change in the management of our economies.
    Change in our relationship with our one and only planet”
    Our contribution to the change is:

    heritage, travel, dialogue on and for the planet Earth.
    One world, one origin, many cultures, a shared destiny or none!


    Background & Introduction


    This Symposium is closely connected with the previous ones, the 2016 “SITES for DIALOGUE” and the 2017HERITAGE for PLANET EARTH”, whose respective scientific achievements are collected in totally 8 different ISBN-coded publications (3 of which are about to come out gathered on https://issuu.com/istitutointernazionalelbt.

     The aims of the 2018 Symposium are strictly connected with OUR VISION; we are not sustainable tourism, we are not responsible tourism, we are TRAVEL for DIALOGUE or TRAVELLING DIALOGUE ORIENTED.We open a platform where to get together THEORY & PRACTICE; as you know and as already said, World Heritage Sites represent a great strategy for getting people of different cultures together and for exercising dialogue among numerous cultures and contributing, thus, to the safeguarding of our planet.

    The World Heritage Sites represent an opportunity to meet peoples and travelers in an ideal context of absolute relaxation given by the holiday atmosphere and with a willingness to listen, observe and reflect; and the so-called “Learning Communities” (residents, travelers, local authorities, educational institutions, cultural and economic operators, etc.) ought to direct their action:

    • to realize the said opportunity, in order to play their relevant role in achieving the community’s interest in peaceful development, protecting the Earth’s health and limiting climatic change
    • to guarantee that the development is not driven by the market trends but managed by multiannual planning approaches that guide policies, business practices and behaviors.

     The Heritage for Planet Earth theme is intended as part of a wider awareness-raising strategy – addressed to younger generations and to institutions dedicated to their training – on the fragility of the cultural-natural heritage and the environmental equilibrium of the planet Earth.

    As already said, sites of cultural interest – classified and not – and those of natural interest  are increasingly attracting visitors from all over the world; therefore, these sites are enriched by multiculturalism and have the opportunity – but we should start considering it as “a duty” – to become true centers of dialogue between cultures present on their territory. Therefore, all actors of the “cultural trip”, the above-mentioned “Learning Communities”, with their services, with their hospitality, have to pursue that aim, for the growth of the international community in peaceful coexistence; so it will help also to start the exercise of useful reflections on the heritage, and widespread awareness of the respect and protection of the Earth’s “health”.

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