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    International Students Workshop

    Art and tourism for peace building and intercultural dialogue

    Florence, date to be defined


    Nowadays, world’s civilized society agrees on the fact that art and tourism are one of the serious tools to reconcile and building confidence between separated societies and promote peace processes all over the world. Art and tourism play a great role in the comprehensive works carried out by the support of Life beyond tourism.

    To promote intercultural dialogue in this polarized world, to reduce and prevent violence, intercultural dialogue facilitates mutual understanding and close relationships among  societies with different culture and identity, and solves the current problems with consensus.

    Consequently, it’s very important to involve in this process youth, academic sector, different international institutions and people interested in this issues

    The main purpose of the  presented project supported by Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation is:

    • Facilitate political circles and societies interested in development of youth, academic sector, art, tourism, as positive power in peace building.
    • Raise the competence of young people, as peace ambassadors on the issues such as  human rights, conflict transformation, peace building and intercultural dialogue.

    The project will promote:

    1. By the support of the Life beyond Tourism popularization of the national cultural values and intercultural dialogue
    2. Perception of the cross-cultural concept by youth and their involvement in the dialogue of conflict resolution and peace building through art and tourism
    3. Creation of peace building platform through the intercultural dialogue
    4. Strengthen the institutions which must facilitate dialogue and confidence-building between young people

    Youth,  representatives of academic sector, art and business can participate in the project.

    During the process of the selection applicants from the different field, experienced in the similar projects and having English communication skills are advantaged.

    Before the seminars in Florence, by the leading of the professors students are required to prepare presentations on one of  the following issues:

    • Governance and democratic practice in the transitional period from the war to the peace
    • Environmental protection and peace building
    • Mediation in peace building, historical context
    • Social media and cultural dialogue
    • Religion and peace building
    • The role of tourism in the cultural dialogue
    • The role of art in the peace building

    Participants must register on the portal of life beyond tourism and on the portal of event and upload prepared presentations.

    During the workshop in Florence, international groups of youth  must prepare project deal with the following issues(they can choice  one of them):

    • Tourism as a language of dialogue
    • Art as a language of dialogue

    Workshops Leader

    Prof. Bella Kopaliani
    Grigol Robakidze University


    1. Georgian Calligraphy
    2. Georgian National cloth
    3. Georgian Felt
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