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NIISF RAASN (the Research Institute of Building Physics)



Address: ул. Локомотивный пр., 21, Москва, Россия, 127238
Phone: +74954824076


NIISF RAASN formed in July 1956 as the Research Institute of Building Physics and walling of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR, since 1964 - Research Institute of Building Physics USSR State Committee, since 1993 - Scientific-Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy architecture and building Sciences, in 2014 under the Ministry of construction and housing and communal Services of the Russian Federation.


NIISF RAASN is a non-profit organization - the federal state budget institution.
The main objective of NIISF RAASN is to provide reliable, environmentally friendly and comfortable human environment in the buildings and in areas with efficient use of resources and energy saving.
The subject of activity is NIISF RAASN:
- Development of scientific bases of a state policy in the sphere of energy efficiency of buildings and structures;
- Development of scientific bases of building thermal physics, durability, load-carrying capacity and reliability of constructions, buildings and structures, building acoustics and lighting, climatological and environmental aspects of the construction in order to improve calculation methods, design principles and instrumental control of thermal, acoustic and optical properties of building envelopes, premises, buildings, as well as the parameters of the human environment, ensuring its safety and comfort;
- Participation in the creation of a modern system to develop new and update existing regulatory and technical documents in construction;
- Confirmation of the suitability of new technologies, products and materials for use in construction.
NIISF RAASN is a leading scientific and expert center in Russia in the field of building physics, construction products durability and protection against harmful environmental factors.
NIISF RAASN has a unique scientific and experimental base, which has no analogues in our country and includes climatic chambers, stands and other equipment for the simulation of acoustic, dynamic, temperature and humidity and other effects on structures and their elements.


Distance from the center: 10.93 km
Moscow, Russian Federation

Moscow Moscow is the capital, the most populous city, and the most populous federal subject of Russi...

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