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Japan Traditional Textile Foundation - Nishiki of Koho 一般財団法人 日本伝統織物研究所 - 龍村光峯錦織工房



Address: Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Kita Ward, Shichiku Shimonokishicho, 24
Phone: +81 (0)75 492 7275
Fax:: +81 75 493 8806
Website: http://www.jttf.or.jp/


The modern history of the japanese silk textile "Nishiki" coincides with the Tatsumura family's one. The founder Heizo Tatsumura (artistic name Koha) was born in 1876 in Funaba (Osaka) in the period of Meiji. At the age of 17 he started to manage the textile shop which made kimono. In 1906 he founded the Laboratory for the production of the textile of Tatsumura, where he created more than 30 new models of textile and restored the historical products in Japan. He succeeded in restoring many styles, among them the ancient japanese brocade (Ko-Kinran), which disappeared in the textile production for 500 years. New studio became the Laboratory of the textile art of Tatsumura, and was founded for the wish of the president of the Japan Art Insitute, Naohiko Masaki, under the direction of the son of Heizo, Ken. He continued to promote the work begun by his father, such as the production of precious textiles, like the Daihousouge-karakusamon of the Shoso-in. Maintaing production during the Second World War, then after the 1945 these textiles were some of the first products to be exported to the United States. The most famous work of reconstruction by Ken was the Kaji-tai-roku-nishiki, which was founded in ancient graveyards of Astana in Turfun and called the "Nishiki of the dream", at the time disappeared in production. Between his creations we remember two masterpieces of tapestry Seiko e Jakko, produced in 1968 for the opening ceremony of the New Imperial Palace of Showa.

Weaving machine "TAKAKI"
Bamboo Leaves
Basenkin (Horse "Sen" Nishiki)
Dragon Emerging from a Nebula
Dragon in the Clouds
Harmonious Gathering
Mandala of the Diamond Realm, in Nishiki Weave
Phoenix Tapestries
Reminiscing Murasaki
Ryusen kin (Clay tile's Dragon Design)
Stripe Gradation
The Elegance of Tempyo ( Tempyo-no-fuin )


The successor of Kan Tatsumura, his third son Jun Tatsumura (artistic name Koho) in 1982 transformed the Laboratory for the textile art of Heizo Tatsumura (by him founded in 1976) in Tatsumura Koho Co.,Ltd. In 1994 he instituted the Association for the research of conservation of japanese traditional textiles to avoid extinction of techniques which had evolved from more than a thousand years. Koho's masterpieces are on display at the Kyoto Civic Hall, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Kyoto State Guesthouse. For the wedding of Princess Masako in 1993 he dedicated the work "Seto-no-uchiumi (The Inland Sea of Japan)". He is now working for the new location of the Grand Shrine of Ise. Koho’s first son, Amane Tatsumura, after the studying at Tokyo Zokei University and New York University, began working in the Koho's laboratory. Under the guidance of the great craftsman of the textile of Kyoto, Amane Tatsumura learned the fundamental techniques. Besides the production of textiles, Amane exercises his talent also in the other artistic fileds, such as calligraphy, seal carving and pottery. Now he is a lecturer of japanese traditional art at the Doshisha University in Kyoto and also is Koho's assistant for the production of the work dedicated to the new location of the Grand Shrine of Ise.


Distance from the center: 46.01 km


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Osaka, Japan

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