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Address: Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 10
Phone: +39 055 2380367
Fax:: +39 055 2380395
Email:: p.giorgi@indire.it
Website: http://www.indire.it


In 1925 Giovanni Calò – ordinary professor of Pedagogics at the Università degli Studi in Florence – organized the national didactic Exhibition (March I – April 15) in Florence, in order to collect and show the didactic material coming from Italian schools of any type and level. Once the Italian didactic exhibition ended, Calò proposed and obtained the authorization, by the Minister of Public Eduction, to organize a permanent exhibition: the Museo Didattico Nazionale (The National Didactic Museum), that was soon after (1937) named Museo Nazionale della Scuola (National School Museum). The consecration of the Florence institute as a national entity happened through a Royal Decree dated July 19, 1941, with which the Minister of National Education Giuseppe Bottai established the National Didactic Center (CDN), which englobed the National School Museum. The seat was transferred to Palazzo Gerini in Piazza de’ Ciompi. In 1952, the CDN was named National Didactic Center for Studies and Documentation (CDNSD). A new institutional evolution took place when DPR N. 419 of May 31, 1974 ratified the dissolution of national teaching centers and changed the National didactic center for studies and documentation into Pedagogics Documentation Library (BDP), then transformed, in 1999, into the National Documentation Institute for Innovation and Research (INDIRE) and, in 2007, into the National Agency for the Development of School Autonomy.

Biblioteca o Sala Michelucci – Image by L. Calistri
Atrio del palazzo Gerini
Image by L. Guasti
Riproduzione di laboratorio scolastico
Image by L. Guasti
Marmi -Image by L. Guasti
Facciata del palazzo Gerini di via M. Buonarroti, image by L. Guasti
Mezzobusto in terracotta – Image by L. Guasti


The National Agency for the Development of School Autonomy is in charge of the cultural heritage that belonged to the Pedagogics Documentation Library, consisting of over 85,000 volumes of the library (part of which are still located in the precious room that was designed by architect Giovanni Michelucci) and of the documents that are treasured in the historical archive (this archive keeps a documentary heritage of great historical importance composed by funds that are not directly related to the activities of the Institution, but strictly interconnected as far as the pedagogics focus is concerned). These funds can be roughly summarized as follows: three special funds of didactic materials of various type – School materials, International exhibition of school newspapers and Drawing competitions funds; eight archives of dignitaries like Giuseppe Fanciulli, Luigi Bertelli, Arturo Linacher, Francesco Bettini, Giuseppe Lombardo Radice, Ottavio Gigli e Gianni Cavalcoli; family archives: Gizdulich, Farina, Grumelli, Sacchi-Simonetta and Neppi Modona; the didactic archive of Master Giuseppe Caputo, with documents coming from the Royal Secondary School for Professional Introduction «Antonio Meucci» in Lastra a Signa, on top of the historical photographic library.


Distance from the center: 3.21 km


Florence, Italy

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