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    HISTORY OF PANGEA – Centre Research Ancient Techniques
    The research of Pangea on land management ancient techniques began in 1990 during one of the trips in norther Africa.
    It includes drylands, Islamic civilization and endangered ecosystems.
    Their wealth of knowledge and application of seemingly simple techniques for the exploitation of resources that the territory offered deserved further study.
    Observing their millenary gestures we have the awareness that these peoples exist because of ancient wisdom and the close social cohesion.
    The constant application of firm principles who order the city and the territory has allowed the perpetuation, to this day, of a specific plan.
    Pangea was created after a research work, collecting data while traveling and photos to document part of the traditional techniques of management of the territory still in use in many countries.
    The economic and technological process have not affected the use of traditional techniques which, should not be considered marginal compared to the progress.
    In fact, in most developed countries and productive is heavily using the traditional processing practices that are the basis of the value added to the production of great economic importance.
    To modern technology can combine local knowledge to be protected to be, then, re- proposed with innovative solutions.
    Any type of businnes can take advantage of the resources appropriately basing energy use on a cycle that is constantly renewed.
    About this has been chosen the Pangea logo which represents the division of water shares in ”Oasis Saharan”, an ecosystem based on learned techniques that use harmoniously the resources that the environment offers.
    Every element is fondamental to the functioning of the oasis ; tunnels water drainage, the town of raw land, cultivated gardens.
    A well organized global system, a microclimate that survives through the use of appropriate techniques to create the water, the source of life.


    Natalia Tarabella is the founder and coordinator of Pangea which is an organization for research and preservation of ancient techniques.
    Pangea is engaged in research and data collection of local resources in archaeology, historical, environmental and traditional fields.
    As part design Pangea is using technologies that leverage the knowledge and traditional architectural techniques.

    Natalia Tarabella is an architect specializing in urban planning.
    She is the architect of SB Research Group that deals with the study of Archaeoacustic in holy sites.

    spatial planning
    management and water harvesting
    traditional architecture
    urban planning
    landscape restoration
    plan for archaeological sites
    soil protection

    Sahara : Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco
    Sub-Saharan Africa : Kenya, Eritrea
    Middle East : Giordan, Yemen
    Mediterranean : Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain
    Balkan : Bosnia, Croatia
    North America

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