Life Beyond Tourism® comes from the  Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®, that was born from the initial intuition by the hotel entrepreneur Paolo Del Bianco to encourage, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the knowledge of themselves of the countries of central and eastern Europe through contact with the West and its attraction, promoting meetings in Florence between young people from those countries.

Then the gradual understanding that in this action for the mutual understanding coul be the true meaning of the hotel business from which the Foundation was born. So the maturation of the concept of Cultural Heritage, a key element of attraction for travel, as a potential instrument of intercultural dialogue if we can guarantee enjoyment in addition to the conservation and protection.

Finally the subsequent overthrow of the tourism concept (especially the mass one) from “threat” to the Heritage into strategic opportunity for intercultural dialogue. These are the steps taken by the Foundation in its twenty-year path to create Life Beyond Tourism® and the portal that forms the platform for communication and knowledge of the nature of the land.


Start of  Fleming’s activity in the Hotel sector.


Fall of the Berlin Wall.


Gulf War; Pietro Cannata defaces the statue of David; tribute to Florence.


Three Georgian professors accept Paolo Del Bianco’s invitation to Florence and interest in international exchange begins to grow.


The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® is estabilished with a cerimony at the Sala Martino of the Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence, symbol of solidariety.


Invitation to a first delegation of Polish universities. Prof. Ewa Kutermack – Madej proposes to involve her students and this way the idea of the international workshop for students is born. The Foundation promotes the first restoration of the Uffizi Gallery through Viva Firenze project involving “emotional” customers of Vivahotels.


First official program of international workshops for students.


Professor Bohumil Fanta proposes a second edition of his workshop and the workshops become a permanent feature. Date of the first international project bringing together 21 universities and 19 countries: “New Urban Identity – The Convent of San Domenico in San Gimignano.”


Start of collaborative relations with the universities of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). At a ceremony in the Salone dei Cinquecento, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® presents the results of its activity to 30 representatives of the CIS universities (in Russian).


The first international project of the Foundation to be financed by the European Community (Culture 2000 program).


1st “Degree and Profession” World Festival celebrating new graduates from all over the world.


Second international project of the Foundation to be financed by the European Community (Culture 2000 program): Rescuing the Hidden European Wooden Churches Heritage.


Inauguration of the Auditorium al Duomo as a cultural space returned to the city.


The Foundation becomes an institutional member of the ICOMOS International Committee for the Theory and the Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration and organizes the first international meeting in Florence. Participation in the Baku international conference “The Islamic City in the 21st Century: Cooperation with the Islamic World”.


15 March: With the Foundation, 59 experts from 21 countries publish the Life Beyond Tourism® Manifesto, laying the ground rules for understanding tourism and travel in the light of cultural heritage and opportunities for intercultural dialogue. Statement of Intent.


The Fondazione Romualso Del Bianco ® becomes an institutional member of the ICOMOS International Scientific committee on Mural Painting.


Convention for collaboration with ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property of Rome); the Foundation conceives the Life Beyond Tourism® International Community. Signing of the 200th collaborative agreement with foreign universities for “Conserving Culture & Promoting Diversity”.


14 September: Ceremony rededicating the Amphitheater Hall of the Auditorium al Duomo to the memory of Prof. A. J. Tomaszewski. 14 December: Signing of the Memorandum of Intent by the Province of Florence and 23 foreign delegations. ICOMOS General Assembly at UNESCO in Paris: the Foundation’s motion to organize the 2014 edition of the meeting of the General Assembly in Florence is passed.


Launch of the new Life Beyond Tourism® Non-Profit Portal.



Presentation of “Travel For Dialogue”in cooperation with the Cirt for the implementation of the Model Life Beyond Tourism® on the territories.


Privileged Partner of 18 AG ICOMOS 2014. On this occasion Life Beyond Tourism® and its model are recognized in Resolution 2014-42.


Starting the  Life Beyond Tourism® Teaching activities with courses in Japan.


Official conclusion of the research and publication of the book “World Heritage Sites for Dialogue”.


19 General Assembly of Experts and the International Scientific Symposium Heritage For Planet Earth: “Smart Travel, Smart Architecture, Heritage and its Enjoyment for Dialogue”.