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    “World Art Schools as an object of cultural heritage and modern art” is an  Exhibition Project of  students’ and teachers’ works in the frame of the Non-prorit Portal  “Life Beyond Tourism”. This exhibition will help to get acquainted with the academic traditions and contemporary trends of different Art Instituties , Academies and Schools in different countries around the world.

    During the week students and teachers will be based in Florence, exhibit their paintings, visit the museums, paint, draw and discuss the development of  realistic traditions of Reneissance in their creative work.

    Participant requirements: teachers and students from  Art Instituties , Academies and Schools from different countries

    Project leaders: Kulai Valentina, Bukova Olga, Gorskiy-Chernyshev Nikolay

    The workshop is included in the “2013-2014 Program of International Students Workshops” of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Life Beyond Tourism. All the workshops can be checked clicking here.

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    Coming soon..

    Location Via dei Cerretani, 54, 50123 Firenze, Italia

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