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    International Students Workshop

    Linguocultural Space of the City with Special Reference to World Famous People and Florentine Handicrafts

    Florence, November 5-12, 2017


    The project aims at studying Florentine cultural heritage and reflection of its influence in both Italian and world cultures presented in the works of world famous handicrafts of Florentine cultural who once lived in or visited Florence and got inspired by the city, its museums, monuments, architecture and people. The purpose of the project is to show the links of the outstanding people with Florence and Florentine artistic atmosphere as seen by international students. The proposed project of a new multimedia Internet lexipedia is based on the analysis of various sources (encyclopedias, books, journals, memoirs, personal letters, etc.) about famous Italians of all epochs along with personal experience gained by international students during their stay in Florence due to visiting Florentine museums, art galleries, libraries, and research centres. Each group of students is supposed to submit their own vision of a dictionary and its articles devoted to distinguished people (handicraftsmen, etc.) whose creative career was connected with Florence. The dictionary entry will include: 1) a photo (gravure, painting) of the person described; 2) biographical data; 3) a thorough description of the person’s connections with Florence and Florentine motives in his/her creative works. The entries will be provided with exclusive multimedia features – audio and video passages illustrating creative works inspired by Florence. The dictionary articles will have numerous links to places of interest in Florence reflecting the present state of the sights in the students’ own perception. The user-friendly dictionary should have a challenging design and innovative way of key-words description (chronology, nationality, sphere of activity, graphic illustrations, etc.). The project will refresh tourists’ (both Italian and foreign) interest in Florence through a brand new and original vision of Italian prominent people whose lives were connected with Florence. It would also be useful for Florentine guides as a source of unique material about the eminent city.


    1. To enrich the students’ knowledge of Florentine contribution to the Italian and, in general, world handicrafts as described in encyclopedias on culture, art and literature.

    2. To inspire the students in their efforts to study Florentine handicrafts by means of visiting the city museums, palaces and workshops.

    3. To compile a joint model of an open Internet encyclopedic dictionary intended for certain user groups, namely guides and tourists.

    Workshops Leader

    Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova
    Ivanovo State University, Russia

    Workshops Coordinator

    Ass. Prof. Ekaterina Grigoryeva
    Ivanovo State University, Russia


    • Ivanovo State University, Russia
    • Kazan Federal University (Volga Region), Russia
    • Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, (National Research University), Moscow, Russia
    • Vilnius University, Lithuania
    • University of Florence, Italy


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