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You are here: Home > Florence > Event: Verso la 'Giornata Internazionale dei Monumenti e dei Siti'- Towards the 'International Day of Monuments and Sites' : “Heritage of Commemoration” -

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Verso la 'Giornata Internazionale dei Monumenti e dei Siti'- Towards the 'International Day of Monuments and Sites' : “Heritage of Commemoration” -

Category: ceremonial
Towards the 'International Day of Monuments and Sites' - “Heritage of Commemoration”
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, International Institute Life Beyond Tourism and ICOMOS Italy
Florence, 13 April 2014, 10.00 - 13.00
Palazzo Coppini – International Meeting and Study Centre
Via del Giglio, 10
Auditorium al Duomo
 Via de’ Cerretani, 54r
The event anticipates the institutional date of 18 April and is held on the occasion of
Domenica del Fiorentino (Sunday of the Florentine)
in collaboration with
 Municipality of Florence, UNESCO Centre in Florence, Angeli del Bello Foundation
and Academy of the Arts of Drawing
The theme of monuments and sites, including those more complex and diverse forms of heritage places, such as living landscapes, are bearers of the tangible memory of a part of human experience. Today, thanks to the web, these are accessible worldwide through interactive instruments, such as, from Florence, the portal itself, that is aimed to give more opportunities for knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity.
Through their conservation and visibility they contribute to the communication of values, in their context and in their historic evolution. The theme offers an opportunity to present buildings that were purposefully created with an aim to commemorate an event, a personality, an idea or an experience of the life lived, just like the history of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in Palazzo Coppini itself.
The choice of the theme is also inspired, in part, by the centenary, in 2014, of the beginning of the Great War 1914-1918. The heritage of commemoration assumes a variety of forms: carved inscriptions, mausoleums of outstanding architecture or works of monumental sculpture, more modest elements that reflect vernacular traditions or dedicated landscapes like cemeteries or memorial gardens.
This heritage also comprises elements that have been given a commemorative value, for example, ruins or industrial vestiges accompanied by memorial plates or public squares whose toponymy commemorates a historical event or an individual.
The theme of commemoration is addressed during this day with an excursus of photographic, documentary and video exhibitions held in the place dedicated to the memory of international meetings’ activity organized for more than twenty years.  


Opening date:
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Via Dè Cerretani, 50123 Florence, Italy

Hours and prices

Le mostre in Palazzo Coppini resteranno aperte al pubblico anche nei giorni:
lunedi 14 – venerdì 18 aprile con orario 9-18

The exhibition in Palazzo Coppini will remain open to the public in the days: 
Monday 14 - Friday 18 April, with 9-18 hours

Contact info

Via del Giglio, 10 
50123 - Firenze
Tel. 055.216066


A Dictionary without Boundaries: Florence in the Works of World Famous People. 
Project of a Dictionary for Guides and Tourists

The project proposes to study the cultural heritage of Florence and its reflection on the Italian and world cultures presented in the works of world-famous writers, artists and composers that lived or visited Florence and were inspired by the city, its museums, monuments, architecture and people.  

Visit to Palazzo Coppini – International Meeting and Study Centre, to its restoration and its collections
Palazzo Coppini is the Monument to Human Relations desired by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco. The seven halls of the Palazzo are dedicated to seven experts, from seven different countries, that left us, and contributed greatly to the internationalization of the network of the Foundation. Palazzo Coppini physically represents the result and symbol of the multiannual work carried out by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and today also by its International Institute Life Beyond Tourism® with its international network, so as to let human relations, openness to others, mutual knowledge through cultural and natural, tangible and intangible heritage be recognized as an essential requirement of the 'Human Family', to which the Foundation has devoted the Portal Life Beyond Tourism with an aim to represent it in its entirety.
Florence Youth & Heritage Festival
Palazzo Coppini (Tsuji Hall)
Preview of the event dedicated to young people, parallel to the ICOMOS General Assembly 2014 with the theme “Heritage and Landscape as Human Values” to be held in Florence in November. Exhibition of the best works that participated within the 10th of April, and presentation of the contest. The theme of the commemoration is addressed and discussed here through the request of works dedicated to the themes of landscape, monuments and authenticity of their forms.

Documentaries’ projection: Il paesaggio chiama ONLUS: PASSAGGI, PAESAGGI (Landscape calling ONLUS: STEPS, LANDSCAPES)
The first Italian petit tour italiano of six documentaries between past, present and future
Palazzo Coppini (Shkaev Hall)
An idea of the Association "Il paesaggio chiama" ONLUS (, aimed to search for the extraordinary opportunities" beyond hit-and-run tourism, in perfect harmony with Life Beyond Tourism®. A «journey in Italy» that unwinds from the "lost paradise" of landscapes of the Strait of Messina (29 '), nestled between their mythological beauty and present-day degradation, from Sibaritide (11'), an extremely interesting archaeological area, but a scene also, about a year ago, of a flood that seriously damaged the ancient baroque garden of the Reggia di Rivalta (8 ') near Reggio Emilia, which could regain its former splendour, if restored together with the Reggia itself, to the territory of the delta of Piave (16'), with its fascinating aquatic landscape, to the legendary Venice (18 '), "absolute city" revisited in search of the formula of its genius loci, and in conclusion to Florence (31'​​), with an excursus among its historic gardens and famous Medici villas.
Photo exhibition "Journey to Lake Baikal: same place, different visions"
Palazzo Coppini (Rovenko Hall)
The exhibition in its complete version was presented at the premises of the Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow, and it traces the photographic journey of some young students of the Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery that went to Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. A collection of emotions and unique views of miraculous nature of that region. At Palazzo Coppini will be on display a selection of about twenty photographs, representing beauties of the Russian nature commemorated by young photographers of the Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery.

Documentaries’ projection of the State Historical Museum, Moscow
Palazzo Coppini (Fanta Hall)
The State Historical Museum in Moscow is situated in the heart of the Russian Capital, in Red Square and represents a symbol of the city together with the Kremlin and St. Basil Cathedral. The Museum, founded in 1872 by zar Alexander II, conserves numerous treasures displayed in 40 halls of the beautiful building, that range from the Palaeolithic period to present day and witness the history not only of Russia but of the whole area of the North-eastern Eurasia.
The documentaries’ projection at Palazzo Coppini anticipates the real exhibition that will be held in Florence next summer.   
Photo exhibition Frammenti della Nostra Storia dal Fronte (Fragments of Our History from the Front)
Palazzo Coppini (Zador Hall)
Photo exhibition of documents from private collections that tell the stories of the Italians dating back to the First World War.

Exhibition of International art FuturMaestri: Right side – Back side
Auditorium al Duomo (Foyer) and Caffè Astra al Duomo
collective exhibition of the International artistic network FuturMaestri: Clara Bacou (Great Britain), Isabell Natalie Derr (Germany), Mariam Kandiashvili (Georgia), Thom Kinzel (Germany), Eleni Marini (Greece), Zoltán Nagy (Hungary), Mona Oates (The United States), Iacopo Pesenti (Italy), Rizal Eka Pramana (Indonesia), Réka Schnedarek (Hungary), Soimán / Regina Hunyadi (Hungary), Marcos Tedeschi (Brasil), Francisco Villarroel Fuentealba (Chile).

The day will conclude with the awards ceremony and photo exhibition of the contest organized by the Cultural Heritage Community Portal
Dante in the World Today
Auditorium al Duomo (Vasari Hall)
In the Divine Comedy, Dante photographed his time and his city. The tales of reality through places, environment and characters of the Divine Comedy. On this occasion is held the award ceremony of the contest, concluded in October 2013, and the exhibition of participating photographs.


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Florence, Italy

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