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The Workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in the wide scope of topics. We are looking forward to meeting lexicographers, reference publishers, software developers, researchers, academicians, post-graduate students, and anyone with a lively interest in language and dictionary making.
Location: Florence, Italy
Dates: July 21-23, 2014
Working language: English
Keynote speakers:
  • Mr. Paolo Del Bianco, President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®, Professor Emeritus of Ivanovo State University (Florence, Italy)
  • Prof. Olga Karpova (Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo)
  • Prof. Aldo Menichetti (Accademia della Crusca, Italy)
  • Prof. Marcello Garzaniti (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy)
  • Associate Prof. Ekaterina Shilova (Ivanovo State University, Russia)
On the Programme:
  • plenary sessions and round-table discussions
  • presentation of cultural territories and native institutions
  • practical analysis of Heritage Dictionaries projects
  • electronic materials presentations
  • book exhibition
  • visits to Florentine State Museums (Galleria degli Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti, Giardini di Boboli) and Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
  • preliminary and post-event webinars
  • prizes-for-all lottery at the closing ceremony
  • social events
Participation fee of 220 EURO covers:
·         a workshop kit,
·         an official certificate of attendance,
·         3 days conference room,  
·         3 coffee breaks,
·         discounted cards for lunches
·         organizing secretariat before and during the Workshop (support with visa, registration, payment),
·         visit to Florentine State Museums (The free entrance is submitted by the authorisation of the Soprintendenza per il Polo Museale Fiorentino. The Foundation is not responsible for any denial by them)
·         visit to Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
·         support for accommodation through the Non Profit Portal, giving you a promotion code to book your hotel*
*VivaFirenze is the online hotel reservation Site, which has adopted the values of the project “Da Firenze, Life Beyond Tourism” no-profit project directed to the “knowledge of the Diversity of Cultural Expression (UNESCO 2005), the enhancement of the sites and respect among peoples, despite their economic growth. Through VivaFirenze, the travelers and the hotel come together to promote a new style of tourism that guarantees the dialogue between cultures, while respecting the place, the visitor and the hotel interests.Instead of having a tourism addressed to services and consumption, we choose a “values tourism”” to guarantee “quality and service” to the Guests who are first of all Guests of Florence.
Important dates:
  • registration: June 1, 2014 (Registration Form is available in Appendix 1);
  • program of the Workshop: July 1, 2014.
Executive Secretariat
  • Scientific secretariat
    To get further information on the programme, please, contact the Workshop manager Dr. Ekaterina Shilova.
    E-mail address:         
      Tel/fax: +7 (4932) 37 54 02. 
      Mailing address:  Ivanovo State University, 39 Yermak St., Ivanovo, 153025, Russia.
  • Logistic secretariat  
    All questions on accommodation should be sent to: Life Beyond Tourism Events (Ref. Ms Stefania Macrì).
             E-mail address:
Appendix 1
First Name  
Family Name
Affiliation and position  
Institution address  
Telephone (office/home)  
Title of a dictionary project presentation during a round-table discussion (optional)  
Abstract of the presentation
(up to 200 words)
Equipment required:
PC for PowerPoint Presentation,
tape-recorder, VCR, etc.
To register click on “Participate” on the top right and fill out the registration form that will appear. If you are not registered in the Life Beyond Tourism Community, the system will require you to register.
To finalize the registration select the registration fee that apply to you and proceed with the payment. The system will lead you directly to a secure payment system to pay with credit card.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer the bank information are:
Reason of payment: Name of the Workshop, Name of participants
Made out to: COMI SpA
IBAN IT66Y 06160 02821 000902871C00
Swift Code:    CRFI IT 3F XXX

Kindly send us the certificate of the money bank transfer by e-mail ( specifying your name and the name of the event.
PLEASE NOTE: all paid fees shall be net of all bank costs and commissions
CANCELLATION POLICIES for the participants:
The cancellations of packages carried out by written communication to the secretariat 30 days before the event will be reimbursed with a 70 Euro deduction for secretarial costs.
After this deadline, cancellation is possible only for visa problem, copy of the embassy letter must be sent to the secretary office and 50% of the paid amount will be reimbursed. Starting one week before the event no reimbursements will be possible.
Reimbursement will be realized only by bank transfer, IBAN and SWIFT code are necessary and the bank costs will be upon you. The reimbursement will be done maximum 60 days after the closing of the event or after receiving the bank information.
Please note that reimbursements in accordance to the cancellation policies are only possible if, at the moment of cancellation notification, the necessary data and bank details are transmitted. The fees of processing the reimbursement operation will be deducted from the due reimbursement sum.  


Opening date:
Closing date:


Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio, 10, 50123 Firenze, Italia

Hours and prices

Registration fee € 220,00 per person
Accompanying person fee € 110,00 per person

Contact info

Executive Secretariat
  • Scientific secretariat
    To get further information on the programme, please, contact the Workshop manager Dr. Ekaterina Shilova.
    E-mail address:         
      Tel/fax: +7 (4932) 37 54 02. 
      Mailing address:  Ivanovo State University, 39 Yermak St., Ivanovo, 153025, Russia.
  • Logistic secretariat  
    All questions on accommodation should be sent to: Life Beyond Tourism Events (Ref. Ms Stefania Macrì)
        Tel: +39 055 28 47 22
E-mail address:


“Heritage Lexicography as Supporting Tool 
 for International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)” 
Florence, July 21-23, 2014 
 Arrival and accommodation of the participants 
From 09.00        
Registration (Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio, 10) 
Guided tour to Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Piazza San Lorenzo, 9) 
Meeting point at 10.15 at Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio, 10 (after registration) 
Free time for lunch                                                            
Opening Ceremony                                                                                       
 Welcome speech of the President of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation®–Life Beyond Tourism® Mr. Paolo Del Bianco (Florence, Italy) 
 Welcome speech of the Vice-President of the Accademia della Crusca Prof. Aldo Menichetti (Florence, Italy) 
 Welcome speech of the Rector of Ivanovo State University Dr. Prof. Vladimir Egorov (Ivanovo, Russia) 
 Welcome speech of the Chair of the Programme Committee, Vice-Rector for PR of Ivanovo State University, Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova (Ivanovo, Russia) 

Plenary presentation                                                                                   
Dr. Paolo Del Bianco (Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation®–Life Beyond Tourism®, Italy) Life Beyond Tourism Philosophy 
Plenary presentation                                                                                         
Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Heritage Dictionaries: Old or New Branch of Lexicography? 
 Coffee break                                                                                    
Plenary presentation                                                                                    
Dr. Prof. Gennaro Tampone (University of Florence, ICOMOS, Italy) Translation of Dizionario generale del restauro 

Plenary presentation 
 Dr. Prof. Susan Rennie (University of Glasgow, UK) Scotland’s Linguistic Heritage in the Historical Thesaurus of Scots 
Plenary presentation
Dr. Prof. Marcello Garzaniti (University of Florence, Italy) Lexicographical Tools in the Communication of Italian and Florentine Cultural 
              Heritage in the Russian Language 
Poster Session                                  
Moderator: Associate Prof. Ekaterina Shilova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) 
  Dr. Prof. Vladimir Egorov (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Joint Lexicographic Projects of Ivanovo State University and the Romualdo Del Bianco                    Foundation®–Life Beyond Tourism® 
  Dr. Prof. Larisa Alekseeva (Perm State National Research University, Russia) Teaching Heritage Lexicography                                                                             Dr. Prof. Ashot Grigoryan (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Idioms with Terms of Kinship as Heritage of Patriarchal Worldview 
  PhD Student Ekaterina Grigoryeva (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Australian Culture and Heritage as Reflected in Australian National Dictionaries 
  Dr. Prof. Tatiana Gurevich (Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia) "Dictionary of Japan” in Modern Cultural Context 
  Dr. Prof. Natalya Gvozdetskaya (Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia), Associate Prof. Elena Polyakova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) 
     Old English Poetic Synonyms as Markers of Anglo-Saxon Cultural Heritage 
  PhD Student Diana Iakovleva (Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Russia) The Hermitage in “Saint Petersburg Heritage Learner’s                  Dictionary for the Youth” 
  Associate Prof. Liudmila Ivanova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Colour Terms as Means of Cultural Heritage Reflection (with special reference to “The        Canterbury Tales” by G. Chaucer) 
  Dr. Prof. Faina Kartashkova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Names as Markers of World Cultural Heritage 
  PhD Olga Melentyeva (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Chaucer Dictionaries: British or World Heritage?
 Leading Specialist Yulia Petrova (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russia) Cultural Awareness of Students as Part of Teaching English 
  Dr. Prof. Marina Solnyshkina, Dr. Farida Ismaeva, Dr. Olga Akimova (Kazan Federal University, Russia) National Identity Markers in Borrowings: The Case        of Russian Monolingual Dictionaries 
  Dr. Prof. Tatyana Tretyakova (Saint Petersburg State University, Russia) Terms of Address as a Part of Cultural and Social Heritage 
  PhD Natalya Utkina (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Can Dictionaries for Fun be Part of National Heritage? 
  Dr. Prof. Natalia Yudina, Associate Prof. Natalya Naumova (Vladimir Branch of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,                Russia) Children’s Heritage Dictionaries: A Dictionary Project “Florence through Children’s Eyes” 
 Feedback of the Poster Session                                                                                  
 Moderator: Associate Prof. Ekaterina Shilova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) 

Presentation of Dictionary Projects                                                                                  
 Moderator: Dr. Prof. Marcello Garzaniti (University of Florence, Italy) 
 Associate Prof. Irina Ustinova (Southeast Missouri State University, USA) Higher Education in Russia and the United States: A Terminological Dictionary and Reference Book 

 Assistant Prof. Katarzyna Foremniak (University of Warsaw, Poland) 
People and Places in European Languages. Dictionary of Eponymic Idiomatic                   Expressions 
  Dr. Prof. Lyubov Nefedova (Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia) Russian-German and German-Russian Dictionary of False Friends 
 Associate Prof. Liudmila Devel (Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Russia) “Saint Petersburg Heritage Learner’s Dictionary” as Supporting Tool

Coffee break                                                                

Presentation of Dictionary Projects                                                                              
Moderator: Dr. Prof. Susan Rennie (University of Glasgow, UK) 
 Prof. Olga Uzhova, Prof. Olga Karpova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) New Type of Cultural Heritage Dictionary 
 Senior Teacher Tatsiana Yakauchyts (Belarusian State Economic University, Belarus) The Belarusian Heritage Internet Site “The Globe of Belarus” as             Inspiration for an English Language Project of a Site Dedicated to the Belarusian Cultural Heritage 

 Language Assistant Christina Samson (University of Florence, Italy) Telling Stories. The Use of Proper Names in Florence Guidebooks 

 Dr. Eugene Kolyadin (Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolyubov State Linguistics University) On Latin Impact Upon Legal Anglo-Saxon 

Round Table Discussion                                                                                 
Association on Heritage Lexicography as Part of EURALEX 
Moderator: Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) 

Dr. Prof. Susan Rennie (University of Glasgow, UK)
Dr. Prof. Marcello Garzaniti (University of Florence, Italy)
Dr., Senior Project Manager Igor Kudashev (University of Helsinki, Finland) 
Associate Prof. Irina Ustinova (Southeast Missouri State University, USA) 
Senior Teacher Tatsiana Yakauchyts (Belarusian State Economic University, Belarus) 
All those interested         

Free time for lunch                                                                                       
Visit to Uffizi Gallery (Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6) – To be confirmed. Meeting point at 14.30 at Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, Entrance 1 
Visit to Accademia della Crusca (Via di Castello, 46) Meeting point at 10.00 at Palazzo Coppini, Via del Giglio, 10 
Free time for lunch                                                                         
Plenary presentation                                                                          
Assistant Professor, Senior Project Manager Igor Kudashev, Project Manager
Irina Kudasheva (University of Helsinki, Finland) Lexicography Meets Machine Translation and Speech Technology: Creating an Integrated Multilingual E-Service for Tourists 
 Plenary presentation                                                                         
 Dr. Cosimo Burgassi (Italian National Research Center, Italy) The History of Italian Vocabulary 
 Plenary presentation                                                                         
 Associate Prof. Ekaterina Shilova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Florence in the Works of World Famous People: Project of a Dictionary for Guides and Tourists 
Coffee break                                                                       
Round Table Discussion                                                                         
 Names as Cultural Markers 
Moderator: Dr. Prof. Lyubov Nefedova (Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia) 
 Associate Prof. Elena Koltsova (Ivanovo State Power University, Russia) Anthroponymic Names as Cultural Markers: Lexicographic Aspect 
 Associate Prof. KseniiaVryganova (Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Russia) Precedent Names as Russian Cultural Heritage 
 PhD Student Elina Elzherokova (Ivanovo State University, Russia) Place Names as Markers of National Heritage (with special reference to the New Oxford       Dictionary of English) 
Closing ceremony, delivering of certificates 
 Departure of the participants from Florence 


Distance from the center: 0.00 km
Nearest airport: Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci, Via del Termine, 11, 50127 Firenze, Italia 0.00 km
Nearest station: Stazione ferroviaria "Santa Maria Novella", Piazza della Stazione, Firenze 0.00 km
Nearest bus stop: Autobus ATAF n° C2, 6, 11, 22 0.00 km
Florence, Italy

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