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You are here: Home > Florence > Event: XX International Assembly and Symposium of the Experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence, March 3-4, 2018)

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XX International Assembly and Symposium of the Experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence, March 3-4, 2018)

Category: congresses
XX International Assembly and Symposium
of the Experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

Life, Beyond Tourism

Florence (Italy), March 3-4, 2018
(arrival 2nd, departure 5th)


One world, one origin, many cultures, a share destiny or none!


15th December 2017: abstract submission
The abstracts have to be sent to
click here to download

Now more than ever the World International Community cannot separate dialogue among cultures from the development in peaceful coexistence and safeguarding of the planet Earth we all share.
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation has fulfilled its commitment with the Life Beyond Tourism Philosophy and Initiative that combines factors like heritage fruition, values-oriented travel, intercultural dialogue for safeguarding the planet Earth for attaining a new commercial offer where the local “Learning Communities” are the main actors.
World Heritage Sites -very rich in multiculturality on their sites- can play a significant role in promoting dialogue among cultures, which is consequently useful also  for the sustainability of the Planet Earth and for the management of our territories and our lives;
in conclusion WHS are important for the future of our cities, sites and planet Earth: our future!

We remember the words of Ban Ki-moon (former UN Secretary General) pronounced last year about  the ‘transformation’ aspired for by the United Nations Post-2015 Agenda:
“Transformation is our watchword.
At this moment in time, we are called to lead and act with courage.
We are called to embrace change.
Change in our societies.
Change in the management of our economies.
Change in our relationship with our one and only planet”

Our contribution to the change is:
heritage, travel, dialogue on and for the planet Earth.
One world, one origin, many cultures, a shared destiny or none!
Background & Introduction

This Symposium is closely connected with the previous ones, the 2016 “SITES for DIALOGUE” and the 2017HERITAGE for PLANET EARTH”, whose respective scientific achievements are collected in totally 8 different ISBN-coded publications (3 of which are about to come out gathered on
The aims of the 2018 Symposium are strictly connected with OUR VISION; we are not sustainable tourism, we are not responsible tourism, we are TRAVEL for DIALOGUE or TRAVELLING DIALOGUE ORIENTED.
We open a platform where to get together THEORY & PRACTICE; as you know and as already said, World Heritage Sites represent a great strategy for getting people of different cultures together and for exercising dialogue among numerous cultures and contributing, thus, to the safeguarding of our planet.
The World Heritage Sites represent an opportunity to meet peoples and travelers in an ideal context of absolute relaxation given by the holiday atmosphere and with a willingness to listen, observe and reflect; and the so-called “Learning Communities” (residents, travelers, local authorities, educational institutions, cultural and economic operators, etc.) ought to direct their action:
1-      to realize the said opportunity, in order to play their relevant role in achieving the community's interest in peaceful development, protecting the Earth's health and limiting climatic change
2-      to guarantee that the development is not driven by the market trends but managed by multiannual planning approaches that guide policies, business practices and behaviors.
The Heritage for Planet Earth theme is intended as part of a wider awareness-raising strategy - addressed to younger generations and to institutions dedicated to their training – on the fragility of the cultural-natural heritage and  the environmental equilibrium of the planet Earth.
As already said, sites of cultural interest - classified and not - and those of natural interest  are increasingly attracting visitors from all over the world; therefore, these sites are enriched by multiculturalism and have the opportunity – but we should start considering it as “a duty” - to become true centers of dialogue between cultures present on their territory. Therefore, all actors of the "cultural trip", the above-mentioned “Learning Communities”, with their services, with their hospitality, have to pursue that aim, for the growth of the international community in peaceful coexistence; so it will help also to start the exercise of useful reflections on the heritage, and widespread awareness of the respect and protection of the Earth's "health".
Sessions “HERITAGE for PLANET EARTH® 2018”:
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, in the framework of its Life Beyond Tourism® Initiative and under the main theme HERITAGE for PLANET EARTH®, dedicates the 2018 edition of its Symposium to the following sessions:
  1. Tourism market trends: to manage or to be managed?
  2. Digital technologies: saving identity or feeding globalization?
  3. Smart city and heritage conservation by means of modern building technologies in collaboration with the Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (NIISF RAASN)
City, Heritage, Design, Conservation, Technology, App-Software, Market Trends, Planet Earth, and their relationship with the theme of the Dialogue among Cultures
The present Symposium is open to educators and scholars in architecture, heritage, tourism, social and human sciences; architects, engineers, conservators, but also tourist and economic operators, public administrators and companies, territorial and urban management professionals, all those involved in the development of territory and in travelling, providing them with a great opportunity to think and present their experience about how heritage protection and its use/fruition can stand as a strategy to get together people from different countries and cultures, for the aims of dialogue, exchange of experience in territorial and cities development and management, in respect of the planet we all share.
-        Language for abstract presentation: English 
-        Title format: Times New Roman 12, Bold.
-        Authors: Name, Surname, Institution of affiliation. Font: Times New Roman 11.
-        3 keywords: Times New Roman 11.
-        Text of abstract format: Times New Roman 11, 1.5 spacing (max. 500 words); the text must have indications regarding the objective(s) of the paper
-        Author's information: a short personal biography (max. 300 words as a written text) must be presented which should include contact details (e-mail, telephone number, personal or institutional website)
Registration fee:
a)      No registration fee for:
-        Members of the International Board of the Experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation
-        Members of the organisations which signed the Foundation’s the Memorandum of Understanding “Life Beyond Tourism” (not expired to date)
-        Members of the organisations which signed the Foundation’s “2015 Life Beyond Tourism Declaration of Auspices for UNESCO”
-        Participants to one of the side events of the 20th International Assembly and Symposium (see the list below)
(to get confirmation to belong to one of those categories, please write to
b)      Special registration fee 100 Euro for young people under 30 y.o.
c)      Full registration fee 350 Euro

Registration and payment of the fee by credit card
To be able to sign up for an event and proceed with the payment by the credit card, you must be registered on Life Beyond Tourism Community
How to register: 
1) Register successfully in the Life Beyond Tourism Community (you will receive a confirmation email of the registration)
2) Login with your chosen personal account and password to the Community
3) Go to the event page and click on “Take part” on the top right (if you are not registered, the button will not appear)
4) To finalize your registration to the event to accept the terms and conditions (by the flag) and proceed with the payment by the credit card. The system will lead you directly to a secure payment.
by bank transfer
If you wish to pay by bank transfer the bank information are:
Reason of payment: Name of the Event, Name of participants
Made out to: COMI SpA
IBAN IT66Y 06160 02821 000902871C00
Swift Code: CRFI IT 3F XXX
Kindly send us the certificate of the money bank transfer by e-mail ( specifying your name and the name of the course within 5th February 2018.
NOTE: all paid fees shall be net of all bank costs and commissions.

Cancellation policies for the participants:
The cancellations carried out by written communication to the secretariat 15 days before the event will be reimbursed with a 20% deduction for secretarial costs.
After this deadline, cancellation is possible only for visa problem, copy of the embassy letter must be sent to the secretary office and 50% of the paid amount will be reimbursed. Starting one week before the event no reimbursements will be possible.
Reimbursement will be realized only by bank transfer, IBAN and SWIFT code are necessary and the bank costs will be upon you. The reimbursement will be done maximum 60 days after the closing of the event or after receiving the bank information.
Please note that reimbursements in accordance to the cancellation policies are only possible if, at the moment of cancellation notification, the necessary data and bank details are transmitted. The fees of processing the reimbursement operation will be deducted from the due reimbursement sum.

15th December 2017                      Abstract submission
he abstracts must be sent to
15th January 2018                          Notification of the abstracts acceptance on the conference webpage  
20th February 2018                        Full paper submission for publishing (for ISBN e-book conference proceedings)

Official language: English
Official web page for info & registration
Venue: Centro Congressi al Duomo, Florence, Italy
Organiser: Centro Congressi al Duomo, Florence
Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
International Institute Life Beyond Tourism
Centro Congressi al Duomo, Florence
Scientific Secretariat:
Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
Simone Giometti (Secretary General)
Via del Giglio 10 - 50123 Firenze, Italy
Tel. +39 055 216066 Fax +39 055 283260

The delegates were kindly invited to use the Best Practice Reservation Portal that is a practical application of the Life Beyond Tourism philosophy. You can choose among over 200 accommodation facilities to get the option that better suits you in terms of prices (the same hotel fares as in the other international reservation portals), location, category, etc.
This is a way to better know how the Life Beyond Tourism Model operates on the territory and for the territory interpreting and communicating it to the visitors; indeed, booking your stay with Vivafirenze you (without any extra-costs for you) contribute to support a crowd funding campaign for 4 special projects in Florence as with the Model you can do on your territory.
For this reason, the reservation portal has been selected by the Organizing Committee as the official one for the Conference and Assembly.
Please kindly note, given the occupancy level of hotels in Florence expected in March, rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
in collaboration with ICOMOS International Scientific Committee of Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee Stone, ICOMOS German National Scientific Committee Conservation and Restoration of Wall Paintings and Architectural Surfaces

2. 2nd International conference on creative society “Creativity: Individual or Social Phenomenon?(March 5-6, 2018) 

3. International Students Workshop Life Beyond Tourism (25 February- 4March 2018 and March 4-11, 2018)


We use this opportunity to remind you that starting from 1st January 2018, the Foundation’s
International Photo Contest Awards “Heritage for Planet Earth 2018”
will be launched; this new initiative would like to approach the same theme from a different point of view, at different level, addressing in particular the youngsters worldwide: grasping, thus, the grass-rooters, popular perception and common sentiments that people nurture facing heritage, dialogue and biosphere. The outcomes of the contests will be included in the agenda of the 2019 edition of the Foundation’s Assembly.
Info on


Opening date:
Closing date:


Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

Contact info

Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco
Palazzo Coppini
via del Giglio 10, 50124 Firenze



Distance from the center: 0.00 km
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