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    Emmetek is a company specialized in IT consulting (ICT), in the creation of websites and e-commerce and in business communication. We offer solutions of excellence to support the business of companies, providing the appropriate technological tools to meet specific needs for growth and development, with particular attention to the enormous potential for integration that the websites we create offer traditional information systems


    Our added value is the commitment to “achieving innovation”, the ability to combine the specialized skills and experience of our professionals in the various market sectors: information technology and technology, business communication, web and multimedia, SEO (positioning on search engines), Webmarketing and ADV (online and off-line advertising), with specialized functional skills in information technology and business services.

    In order to always guarantee “value” solutions, Emmetek is organized in 3 business units, Information Systems specialized in IT consulting and technical assistance, Web and Multimedia specialized in the creation of web sites and portals and positioning on search engines, Communication, with skills and distinct specializations but with common objectives.


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