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Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands - OTIE


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Address: Via Emerico Amari, 38, 90139 Palermo PA, Italia


On the 2nd February of 2007, the Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands OTIE  was successfully founded in Palermo, where the Head Office is located. 
It’s a non-profit association, constituted by  public institutions, Universities, Research  Centres  and other international organizations of 7 UE insular countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Malta e Cyprus).
Thanks to the direct dialogue with the institutions, companies and research centers on tourism OTIE offers to the insular realities a support to devise strategic, operative and marketing plans on tourism because it has a wide network of contacts and a steady updated benchmark on European tourism.


The mission of the Observatory concerns the carrying out of new studies and research on the islands of the European Union by sharing objectives, results and policies with the main goverments and local administrations. OTIE has been affiliated to the Register of Interest Representatives of the European Commission since 2008 and as scientific body it cooperates with several Euroepan Networks, as well as with some universities and observatories in order to foster island tourism. In particular:
  • The Observatory has collected geographical and tourism data about more than 1000 Europen Islands in a database, which is annually updated thanks to the cooperation of the main European statistical offices. In the processing of its data OTIE makes use of advanced statistical software which allow to extrapolate anticipatory data on tourism;
  • OTIE prepares commissioned specific reports on island tourism, both generic and thematic,with the aim to emphasise the current situation and to provide guidance for future planning options. the Observatory carries out a periodical monitoring of the development of tourism in the European Islands, with special attention to possible fututre performance. It realises the focus on tourism in European Islands, i.e. a document which compares indicator of tourism development referring to supply and demand in Mediterranean, Atlantic, Baltic and French overseas Islands;
  • with its own scientific article and contributions OTIE takes part in the international debate on island tourism by publishing on the most prestigious international reviews;
  • OTIE organizes training activities, i.e. International Summer School with the aim to offer participants a great deal of suggestions and stimuli dering from the best practises in island tourism within the European Union.


Distance from the center: 1.20 km
Palermo, Italy

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