The LBT Glossary is a collection of terms used during more than twenty years of research carried out by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation on issues related to Heritage, Travel, and Intercultural Dialogue, which then lead to creating the base for the Life Beyond Tourism® Movement.

In order to compile the glossary, we used the bibliography of all the research, presentations, and publications undertaken by the FondazioneRomualdo Del Bianco®  from the start of its activity. The glossary is being constantly updated and implemented.

The following are several of the keywords of the Movement:

  1. Traveler, Travel

  2. Meet, Meeting

  3. Cultural Heritage

  4. Cultural Heritage

  5. Integration

  6. 5. Tourism, Tourist, Touristic

  7. Sustainable Development, Sustainability

  8. Diversity, Cultural Diversity

  9. Identity

  10. Encounters

  11. Intercultural Dialogue, Dialogue

  12. Hospitality

  13. Ospitalità

  14. Spirit of the Location

  15. Peaceful Coexistence, Peace

  16. Territory