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Because we think we can change our role in the world of tourism.

Because we think that the hospitality goes beyond the sale of services.

Because we think that those who arrive in a place are resources and not just customers.

The Movement Life Beyond Tourism® for Intercultural Dialogue was created and developed in order to form a network that renders all this possible. Tourism operators, artisans, restaurateurs, hoteliers, artists, traders have a story to tell that goes beyond the chain of stores all the same among them, ready-made packages, and souvenirs that say nothing about the trip itself.
The traveler has the right to find unique cities not flattened by the same offer and to experience the richness of culture, traditions and flavors that distinguish each territory.
We collected our thoughts and our principles in the Life Beyond Tourism Manifesto of 2008 and 2014 and devised the Certification for the Dialogue between Cultures – Life Beyond Tourism® DTC-LBT: 2018 as a tool to differentiate all those who at any level direct their activity to dialogue intercultural.
Let’s continue together this path,
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